Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Strike First

VENUM Absolute
These mitts are made from highquality buffalo leather with tripledensity foam, so they can take a beating and dish one out.
$129.90 –

The Dual-X™ closure system and Fusion Splinting™ are sophisticated designs that support hand/wrist alignment, maximizing striking power and injury prevention.
$118.99 –

The trusted name in boxing developed these gloves with a full mesh palm that ensures breathability and comfort, while an anti-microbial lining fights bacterial growth.
$49.99 –

With multi-dimensional padding and full leather construction, these focus mitts were designed with the pro fighter in mind. Now, just work on perfecting your combos.
$59.95 –

EVERLAST Hyperflex Strike Bag
Learn to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee with this punching bag that will help increase your cardio, leg conditioning, and hand-eye coordination.
$99.99 –

A-Grappling We Go

VENUM Absolute Gi
Wanderlei Silva wears this gi—and he’s a BJJ black belt under Carlos Gracie—so we think this will meet all of your grappling needs.
$189.90 –

HAYABUSA Ikusa Gloves
These 4-ounce MMA gloves are built to last, with a secure fit that won’t shift during your intense training.
$64.99 –

HAYABUSA Mizuchi Rashuard
Durable and performance tested, this short sleeve rashguard will give you the edge on the mat or in the cage.
$54.99 –

GAMENESS Top Dog Shorts
With moisture-wicking fabric and side leg slits, these comfortable MMA shorts will keep you leading the dog pack (also available in youth sizes).
$49.95 –

Gear Up for the Gym : Hayabusa Striker’s Package

HAYABUSA Mizuchi Shorts
The Japanese Water-Dragon will evoke your true fighting spirit. Now, go slay your foe.
$69.99 –

HAYABUSA Ikusa Gloves
There are more than 20 bones in your hand and wrist, so protect them with these scientifically engineered sparring gloves.
$97.99 –

HAYABUSA Mesh Gear Bag
The ventilated design will help keep you out of the Funk Zone.
$59.99 –

HAYABUSA Ikusa Guards
Offering protection and mobility without metal or plastic fasteners, these shinguards are ideal for striking and grappling.
$89.99 –

Get Pumped Up

POWERBLOCK Dumbbells & Kettlebells
Chances are that you can’t get to the gym every day and you don’t have a full set of weights at the house. No problem. Power- Block’s adjustable weights have you covered.
$99.00 and up –

Get ripped like a Russian strongman and then go eat steak and eggs for breakfast…because that’s what men eat for breakfast.
$96.75 (35 lbs.) –

BEST FITNESS Functional Trainer
No other functional trainer on the market comes close to this value.
$740 .00 –

DRAGON DOOR – Convict Conditioning
No need to do a stint in the pen to learn how to maximize your workout space.
$39.95 –

Stylin’ & Profilin”

RANGER UP Die in a Pile of Brass Tee
This prayer t-shirt sums up the ethos of Ranger Up: Do your best. Train hard. Be prepared. Go out fighting.
$22.00 –

What Would Dana F*cking White Do? Probably wear this tee…and drop a few f-bombs.
$21.95 –

WICKED JESTER Battle Ready Tee
The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.
$17.99 –

RYU Vertical Tee
The message is simple: Respect Your Universe
$38.00 –

Pimpin’ Aint Easy

JACO – Convertible Bag
It’s an oversized backpack. No, it’s a full-sized duffle bag. Stop. You’re both right.
$124.99 –

TORQUE Flashback Tee
Tagless lightweight construction means you wont have to sacrifice style for comfort in this retro shirt from Torque.
$26.99 –

These versatile flops are perfect for the beach or preventing foot funk in those dirty gym showers.
$14.99 –

VENUM Street Fight
Constructed with high-quality, dry-fit polyester and microfiber that goes up the side of the leg for that Muay Thai-like feeling.
$63.90 –

JACO Silverlake Warm-Ups
Warm up your bod or chill like a Goodfella in this slim-fit top and bottom.
$179.98 –

Go Hard, Go Home

HARO is back for 2013 and they’re pulling no punches. Their new flagship 29” mountain bike is trimmed with Shimano XT and Ritchey components, making it worthy of the nastiest trails you can find. Roadwork sucks, so why not have a blast while building your endurance. Arm yourself with this XC weapon, and proceed to lay waste to your friends on the trail and in the gym.
$3799.00 –

Wanna be smooth as a baby’s butt? Start with this allterrain razor.
$15.00 –

You wouldn’t chop down an oak tree with a butter knife, so stop listening to your tunes with earbuds. Beats Studio headphones bring you sound the way music was intended.
$299.95 –

HALO 4 XBox 360
The fourth installment in the Halo series does not disappoint, as Master Chief is back in action against an ancient evil bent on vengeance.
$59.99 –

OMEGA BL630s Blender
With as much horsepower as a kids go-cart (3), this variable speed, 64-ounce Omega blender is the ultimate kitchen appliance.
$549.99 –

Pre-Workout Fuel

MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge
Hemo Surge is the preworkout favorite of FIGHT!’s managing editor Jim Casey.
$29.99 –

BSN Hyper FX
Boost your energy and alertness before you hit the weight room with a hypersonic dose of Hyper FX.
$39.99 –

No hype. No banned substances (WADA). No exceptions.
$48.99 –

Stack does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on more important things…like world domination.
$59.99 –

Post-Workout Protein

Ultra-premium lean muscle protein powder that earns our taste test approval.
$55.49 –

Premium hydrolyzed whey protein.
$69.99 –

Multi-fractionated whey isolate complex.
$39.99 –

Boost Your Endurance

Provides 10g of potent amino acids and loaded with electrolytes.
$32.49 –

BSN Amino X
Caffeine-free and sugar-free, with 10g of micronized amino acids.
$32.99 –

MRI EO2 Edge
Improves oxygen transport and replenishes electrolytes. 100% stimulant-free.
$59.99 –

PROLAB Beta Alanine Extreme
Delays muscle fatigue and help extend high intensity training sessions.
$39.99 –

Sit Back and Recover

F3 NUTRITION Rebellion
Delivers nutrients to help fuel muscle and liver glycogen stores.
$49.98 –

PURUS LAB Muscle Marinade
Improves acute exercise performance and supports post-exercise recovery.
$67.95 –

GENOMYX Protocol
Clinically proven to reduce muscle tissue damage and induce peak performance.
$42.89 –

Gold Medallion certified for optimal nerve transmission and muscle performance.
$38.99 –

Health and Wellness

Decrease your body fat while boosting your testosterone, lean body mass, and libido.
$69.99 –

GLC 2000
Patented glucosamine complex speeds the repair proces and helps improve joint function and recovery.
$55.00 –

Revolutionary new water infused with Spirulina, a naturally grown algae containing 70% pure protein.
$42.00 (12-pack) –

Helps build your body’s endurance capacity for peak performance by improving VO2 Max.
$39.99 –

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