Hip To It

UFC Welterweight Matt Brown demonstrates a functional strength workout for increased core and lower body power.

Utilizing the Westside Barbell System under the guidance of Louie Simmons, the goals of this strength and conditioning routine are to increase overall strength, paying particular attention to the lower back, hips, and glutes, while increasing dynamic muscular endurance. Try adding this workout to your weekly routine for lower body stability.


This exercise is superior in developing whole body General Physical Preparedness (GPP). Matt walks for a steady pace for a determined time, or he performs multiple trips of 60 yards, changing positions and walking styles, such as rickshaw style, walking backwards, and walking forward with a high knee. You can wear ankle weights and a weight vest to make the exercise more challenging. This exercise builds up the entire posterior chain, trunk, traps, and hand grip.

Duration: 5 minutes

Rest: 30-60 seconds between exercises


Matt starts in a wide sumo stance with an over-under grip. He grasps the bar with his arms locked out and his shoulders pulled back, while keeping his legs straight to pre-stretch his hamstrings. He pulls himself down to the bar by lowering his glutes and pushing his knees out. Matt pulls the bar back toward him, keeping his lower back arched and “trying to spread the floor” with his feet by pushing his knees out and squeezing his glutes toward the top of the movement. Using doubled-over mini bands will cause a forced over-speed eccentric phase. This is vital because kinetic energy is gathered in the eccentric phase. This causes a sudden release of elastic energy stored in the tendons and soft tissues of the body. Heavier weight will not add to the rebound phase as effectively as using an over-speed eccentric phase.

3 sets of 10 reps

Rest: 30 seconds between sets


Matt places the bar on his back in a squat position, while keeping his lead leg in front. He bends over, rounding his upper back until he feels he reaches the correct position. Matt uses his lower back to initiate movement at the bottom, while firing his hamstrings and squeezing his glutes toward the top of the movement. Adding the bands to the front of the bar takes away the bio-mechanical advantage at the top of lift, which makes Matt work through a full range of motion. This exercise will build erectors, hamstrings, and glutes due to extending the legs and back simultaneously.

3-5 sets of 10-15 reps each side

Rest: 30-45 seconds between sets


This is another exercise that is superior in developing whole body GPP, which is a crucial for cardiovascular efficiency and muscular development. Matt performs this exercise by power walking with long strides and pulling with his heels. This works the glutes and hamstrings while also building calf muscles and hips (both front and back). Always walk and never run with a sled. The chaotic effect of the bamboo bar will target kinetic energy to the shoulders, elbows, biceps, and lower back to strengthen stabilizing muscles and allow for healthy joint function.

Duration: 5 minutes

Rest: 30-60 seconds between exercises

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