Abdominal Hunt

Finding your summer six pack.

The abdominal region is one of the hardest areas to train, not because the exercises that stress this area are diffi cult to perform, but due to the negative experiences most of us have had with training this muscle group. From sit-up tests in grade school to ab wheels at the gym, abdominal training has been etched into the steel of our minds as both painful and fun-free. Couple that with the fact that most people still have extra baggage around their waist after buying the latest get-absquick gizmo, and it’s no wonder why less people seek out the washboard stomach instead of a little more size on their biceps.


The four exercises in this workout are to be performed as a circuit. Perform the required number of repetitions below, and then rest 30 seconds between each exercise. After the fi nal exercise, rest for two minutes and repeat each circuit for three to fi ve sets, depending
on your level of fitness.


Begin in the plank position, with your back straight. Raise your right leg into the air, and return it to the mat. Repeat with the right leg. 20 reps on each leg.


Begin in a side plank position, with your left arm raised into the air. Raise your left leg into the air, and return it to the mat. Complete 20 reps, switch sides, and complete 20 more reps.


Begin in a standard sit-up position, while your partner locks his arms under your knees and you wedge your feet under his thighs. As
you perform a sit-up, use your core muscles to continue to stand up. Sit down, and repeat for 20 reps.


Begin in a reverse body lock position. Using your core muscles, lift your partner and arch him to the other side. Keep your grip, and reverse the motion, bringing him back to the starting position. Repeat for 10 lifts on each side.

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