MMA 101

Overhand Right to Double-Leg Trip.

To be a successful college wrestler against quality opponents, you have to set up your single-leg and double-leg takedowns with head taps, hand fighting, and superior movement. MMA is no different, except that you get to punch and kick instead of head tap and hand fight. The name of the game is to create a distraction that makes your opponent lose focus. There are many ways to accomplish this, and here is one of “Suga” Rashad Evans’ favorite moves for the Octagon.

The goal of this double-leg takedown is to end up in your opponents half-guard. There are variations to the double-leg where your goal is to end up in side control, but this takedown utilizes an outside trip finish that will enable you to mount from half-guard.


1. I set up in a neutral, orthodox stance and prepare to throw the overhand right. Keep in mind that the overhand right is being thrown as a set-up shot. It should still be thrown to connect if it gets through, but the primary goal is the follow-up takedown.

2. I throw an overhand right. It doesn’t matter if he blocks it or pulls back, because I’m not throwing it as hard as I can. It’s just the distraction.

3. As soon as he reacts—no matter what the reaction is—I change levels by lowering my hips and stepping in between his legs with my left leg. My left hand blocks his right knee and my right hand drops behind his left knee while I drive forward using my head and shoulder.

4. Here’s the smart finish. Instead of trying to muscle him down, I step my right leg behind his left leg for the trip. I sag my weight and continue to drive forward, forcing him to the mat.

5. Since I still have his leg trapped, I land in half-guard and can move to side control or full mount depending on my gameplan.

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