For Whom the Bell Tolls

Kettlebells can be used to improve a number of physical attributes, including strength, muscular endurance, balance, proprioception, and flexibility. Because of their rounded shape, kettlebells compel lifters to manipulate their center of gravity and utilize muscles at different angles. Kettlebells also can improve cardiovascular and strength training at the same time, which is an excellent way for mixed martial artists to burn calories for fat loss and increase strength.

FIGHT! traveled to the birthplace of kettlebells—Russia—to shoot a top strongman in action for this full-body kettlebell circuit. (20 reps of each lift)

Pushup and Row

Begin in a pushup position while holding a kettlebell in each hand. Perform a pushup. At the top position, pull one kettlebell to your chest while balancing on the other hand. Repeat with the opposite hand.

Alternating Bent Over Row

Bend at your waist with your knees slightly bent and a kettlebell in each hand. While maintaining a flat back, row one kettlebell up to chest height. Lower the kettlebell and repeat with the opposite hand.

Split Squat

Stand in a split stance and hold a kettlebell in each hand. Lower your back knee to the ground. Extend your front knee and hip to return back to the original position. Repeat with the opposite leg.

High Pull

Hold one kettlebell with both hands at your waist. Raise the handle of the kettlebell to your chin by bringing both hands and elbows up. Lower the kettlebell back to the original position.

Good Morning

Rest a kettlebell on the back of your neck. Bend forward at the waist while maintaining a straight back and press your buttocks backward. Extend at your hips and slightly at your knees to return to the original position.  


If you can’t visit your fitness facility for a kettlebell workout every day or you don’t want to clutter up your home gym with 10 different kettlebells, the KettleBlock™ 40 from PowerBlock™ may be the answer to your strongman dilemma. KettleBlock is an adjustable kettlebell that can be modified to eight different settings, ranging from 8 lbs. to 40 lbs. The compact, space-saving adjustable kettlebell gives you the look and feel of a tradition kettlebell without the clutter of multiple kettlebells filling up your home gym. FIGHT! staffers Ladd Dunwoody and Jim Casey both use the KettleBlock in their home gyms. Visit for more info.

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