Jade Bryce – Stunning Comeback

After a year on the go, Bellator beauty Jade Bryce returns to the pages of FIGHT!—and what an adventurous girl she’s been.

Jade Bryce chats with FIGHT! MagazineWelcome back to FIGHT! This is your second time gracing the pages of our magazine. The first time was exactly one year ago in our July 2010 issue. What’s been going on over the past year?

Wow! I know! It’s so weird how you never know what’s around the corner in your life, especially when you live spontaneously. I’ve appeared in Italian Maxim, Playboy, Idoll, Glam Couture, and I was on the cover of Strip Las Vegas. I also backpacked throughout Europe and Brazil, took surfing and acrobat lessons in Brazil, got certified to teach yoga, and am learning Thai massage.

Busy girl—we’ll get to your travels in a minute, but you also recently signed on as a Bellator ring girl. How is that going for you?

It has been one of the biggest blessings. I just re-signed for Season 5, and I can’t wait. We have some amazing fighters. I love the mentality that fighters have, such a go-getter, winning attitude—not just in the ring, but they carry it into all areas of their lives. I love being around that every week.

How did you get into MMA?

A while back, I dated a fighter—who I won’t name—and he got me into the sport. Now, I love being ringside. I love seeing a knockout and the adrenaline of watching one of my favorite fighters in a close fight.

Jade Bryce chats with FIGHT! MagazineWho are your favorite fighters?

I have so many, but I’ll have to say the Pitbull Brothers [Patricky and Patricio Freire] and Michael Chandler are my favorites. The Pitbull Brothers never have boring fights. They are so fierce in the cage but so sweet at the press conferences and outside the ring. Michael Chandler is very motivating and inspiring. He sets his mind on a goal, and he gets it. I really think he’s going to win the belt in Season 5. Jay Hieron and M’Pumbu are also great. I could go on and on.

Back to traveling—you’ve hiked mountains and camped alone in the African wilderness. How has that shaped your sense of self?

Camping in the jungle with hyenas trying to get into my tent and not being quite sure of where I was exactly was definitely an experience. Doing things like kayaking the Nile, abseiling down Sipi Falls, and then camping alone at the bottom—just me, a lantern, and a book— has definitely inspired me to see more of the world. The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read a page.

You give a portion of your modeling proceeds to a few different charities throughout the world. Did your travels inspire this?

Absolutely. I believe that I am only blessed so that I can bless others. There is an obligation to help those who have nothing. My favorite charities are Invisible Children, Falling Whistles, and Community Crash.

What was the best part of being alone while traveling?

The best part was not having to explain it to anyone else. It was very liberating—hanging by a rope from a cliff next to a beautiful majestic waterfall, and no one in the world knowing where you were. You feel indescribable, kayaking where Gandhi’s ashes were spread, doing this all by myself—I felt like a stronger woman.

Last year you told us that you were an Indian Leg Wrestling

Champion. Remind readers what that is. It’s hard to explain, but I encourage you to YouTube it. I’m undefeated, but I’m sure there are a few who let me win on purpose.

What’s your next adventure going to look like?

I can’t wait to go to Thailand and ride an elephant.

Jade Bryce chats with FIGHT! MagazineBeing so adventurous, what kind of man does it take to keep up with you?

Most guys ask me this on a first date. I just love to laugh, so if you can keep me laughing, you’ll keep me around. What really wins me over is an adventurous and spontaneous nature. I like to be inspired. If you’re positive and have a charitable heart, I’m interested. I also like being able to work out with the guy I’m dating and live a healthy lifestyle. I don’t tend to date a lot. It’s hard for people to understand my schedule and career and my traveling, but I know one day I’ll find a guy who dreams just as big and moves just as fast as I do.

What physical features do you look for in a man?

I definitely like a guy to be fit, but more because it shows his mentality and that he takes care of himself. I don’t know how to describe my type, but I see him in my head. Looks aren’t all that important when it comes down to it. I do like a big smile—maybe some messy hair and a defined jaw.

What do you think are your best physical features?

Maybe my eyes. Some people like my mouth, others hate it, but I’m comfortable with how I am.

If you had five minutes to seduce a guy, how would you do it?

It wouldn’t take me five minutes [laughing]—just kidding. I’m rarely a flirt or very seductive, but if I want you to know that I like you, you will know. It’s hard to find a guy with the qualities that I like, so when I find a guy like that, I make sure to approach him.

What are the sexiest jammies you own?

My pink robe is my favorite. I like to sleep in just a bra though—and Chanel No. 5, of course.

Of course. I’m sure there will be lots of fellows keeping that in mind. Before you hit the sack, how can fans keep up with your next adventure?

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