Kelli Hutcherson: Surf's Up!

Motocross, surfing, and MMA all wrapped up in a beautiful blonde? Sign us up please. Laguna Beach is heating up with Strikeforce’s Kelli Hutcherson.

Kelli Hutcherson Laying on the Beach

Rolling with Metal Mulisha, surfing, MMA…extreme sports girl much?

Well, I grew up around motocross, going with my family to the desert and riding. My family did all sorts of fun stuff. I love extreme sports. I have a house up on the river where I go wakeboarding. It’s safe to say you can give me a board and I can do some cool stuff on it.

Kelli Hutcherson Yellow BikiniDo you still get on a bike every now and then?

Oh, of course. I was just riding in Ocotillo a few months ago. I love it because riding was the first thing that I learned to do. And, it’s obviously a lot of fun!

How about surfing? Do you still catch a wave?

Yes, I still wakeboard and surf on occasion. My boyfriend is a pro surfer, so he makes me get in the water. I usually only surf when I can wear a bikini and look hot doing it—a wet suit kills the sexiness [laughs]. But yeah, I wakeboard a lot. My favorite surf board is one that my boyfriend shaped, which is called RW Surfboards, and I love my Hyperlite wakeboard! So smooth!

Any crazy surfing stories you’d like to share?

Every time I surf, my bathing suit bottoms go to my ankles when a wave goes over me. I guess I should fix that [laughs].

We’ll leave that one alone. Since your boyfriend is a pro surfer, would it be safe to say you’re into adventurous guys?

Yes, I love, love, love a guy who has balls! But, he’s got to be confident, have a sense of humor, and be smart.

What was it like getting on with Strikeforce as a Rockstar Energy girl?

My first fight was Fedor Emelianenko vs. Fabricio Werdum. It was crazy. That was my first time ever being around MMA. I didn’t know the hype, and I didn’t really know much about it. I heard that Fedor hadn’t lost in like 30 fights. What a huge fight.

Kelli Hutcherson White BikiniNow you’re Strikeforce’s go-to girl?

I guess I showed a leadership role, and they just liked that about me. I always kinda make myself stand out to people, that way they don’t forget me. I’m just myself. Myself is usually crazy and outgoing and that seems to win people over.

Favorite fight so far?

Paul Daley vs. Nick Diaz was pretty sick. The whole San Diego card was awesome. It was really cool. Anytime Nick Diaz fights, that’s always good.

We hear you’re a Mexican food fan.

I’ve discovered Flaming Hot Funyuns. It’s pretty much the best thing to ever come into my life. I can’t live without them. That’s kinda Mexican isn’t it [laughs]?

I also read somewhere that you like “bro-comedies.”

Yes, I’m definitely not into chick flicks, although I’ll watch them with my mom and sister. I love Grandma’s Boy, The Hangover, Step Brothers, and many more. They are hilarious!

You’re 21 years old. What’s your five-year plan?

Finish my degree. I can go back to school and keep doing that. I’m getting my real estate license, too. I have a lot of things to fall back on. I have a very strong, supportive family, and they will help me out in whatever I want to do. For now, it’s the whole modeling thing. I’m seeing where I’m going with it—going where the wind blows me. I live my life day by day.

Did you ever foresee modeling in your future?

I really wanted to be an interior designer. That’s all I wanted to do. I love decorating. Modeling just threw me off. The Rockstar boss, she found me on Myspace and asked if I wanted to work an event. ‘Are you kidding me right now? Sign me up.’ That’s how I got into it. It’s awesome. I modeled on the side for quick cash and did my thing during the week—went to school and all that. Now, I’m on Maxim Hot 100. Crazy.

Kelli Hutcherson HotWhat’s it like having fans?

I always feel like, ‘Who is the random girl on the list?’ But, it’s amazing.

How can fans send you some love?

You can follow me on twitter @KelliHutcherson. I try to respond to everyone just because I’m so grateful to even have fans!


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