Sic 'Em!

If there’s one thing we love about living in the South, it’s sweet Southern belles like Athens’ own Charlie Brooke. Don’t let the puppy dog eyes fool you, this is one Georgia girl that isn’t afraid to bite.


You’re an Athens girl huh?Is it safe to assume you’re a ‘Dawgs’ fan too?


Oh yeah!


Did you make it to the game last weekend?


No, I was working for AXE that night, but I saw a lot of it on tv.


How long have you lived in Athens?


Well, I was born in Lawrenceville, but I spent most of my life about 10 minutes outside of Athens


Southern girl through and through, excellent. What do you do for fun in Athens?


I like to go to the clubs here and in Atlanta and dance. I love to go camping, and I love to cook. Especially baking, I absolutely love baking. Working out is kind of a hobby of mine too. And I go to a lot of the MMA fights in and around Atlanta.


So you are an outdoorsy girl that likes to party and cook. That’s a pretty formidable combo. Do you have a nerdy side at all?


Oh, definitely, I love playing Wii, and Forza Motorsports on the Xbox, and i’m on my laptop all the time Tweeting & Facebooking. I think that’s pretty nerdy.


Are you a badass at Forza? Could you hang with The Stig?


I’m out of practice but I’m pretty good. I can definitely hold my own. I’m really good at Wii boxing too.


Are you saying you can throw a mean punch?


OH Yeah!


Speaking of punching, how is ring card business going?


Well, I was working for Sin City Fight Club, which became  Sport-FightX, but it recently came under new ownership. I’m not sure if they’ll be using me anymore for their fights.


I think they would be wise to. Maybe after this you can negotiate a new contract.


Yes! Sounds like a plan.


So you’re a fan of the sport though, obviously?


Oh, definitely.


Do you have a favorite fighter?


I totally knew you’d ask that. I’m gonna have to say Urijah Faber.


Faber is a bad mofo. Most girls we ask seem to like GSP.

Yeah, I hear people say that all the time.


Have you been the cause of any bar fights up there lately?


Haha, never! The last thing I need is to get arrested. Last New Year’s Eve, I was working at Flanagan’s though, and we had like three fights that night, it was practically a brawl. I am always the first one there to cheer them on though.


Trouble with a capital “T.”


A troublemaker with her heart in the right place!


That’s great actually. No one wants a boring girlfriend.


Definitely. I’m the bad girl that you can still take home to Mom.


Heard any bad pick up lines lately?


Yeah, “Did it hurt?” “What?” “When you fell from heaven.” I mean, really?


That’s pretty bad but I’ve heard worse. What kind of guys are you attracted to?


I like guys with a playful personality because that’s how I am. And I like guys that are cocky, because they can handle being made fun of. And they have to be strong, mentally and physically.


Sounds like you’re a woman that knows what she wants and how to look out for herself.


Yep. That’s what happens when you have a cop for a dad and two brothers that are in the Marines.


Please remind us to never upset you. What does your dad think about you modeling and generally causing a ruckus?


He’s not happy when I get into trouble, but he still loves me. I am good when I’m at home, I cook and clean and take care of the family.


Want to send a shout out to your brothers?


Yeah. To all the Marines in VMFA-122 and all our troops at home and abroad, thanks for all you do! Come home safe!


Well said Charlie. Ooh-rah!

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