"I Think, Therefore I'm Thinking"

I’m in one of those weird moods again today. As I sit and attempt to pen this column, my brain is everywhere. Forget an ADD moment, I got it bad, more like an LMNOP moment.


So, I sit trying to corral my inner bedlam. Sometimes a writer just needs to let it pour out. Today, I’m going to simply use this keyboard as therapy and let my demented little mind pour away. These are the things I think I’m thinking today… I think:


• I think I think the judge who saw Frankie Edgar beat BJ Penn 5-0 needs to become an NFL referee. What did he possibly think he thought he saw?


• I think I think Dana White is hopefully thinking he’ll give Randy Couture his requested fight against James Toney. Can you say, “Double-leg takedown?”


• I think I think the UFC’s heavyweight division, after weathering the worst of storms, is on the verge of being the strongest it’s ever been. We are in store for some great rematches, trilogies, and story lines between Lesnar, Velasquez, Carwin, and dos Santos.


• I think I think the UFC doesn’t even need Fedor and his M-1 folks anymore. I’m hoping for him, but they don’t need him.


• I think I think it wouldn’t be so bad if we’ve seen the last of Tito. To throw an entire series under the bus … come on dude.


• I think I think that Anderson Silva should be forced to surrender a portion of his purse to Demian Maia. There’s got to be a certain respect among fighters, and Silva crossed the line of what is considered too far in the disrespect category. I’ve long said one of the greatest properties of this sport is the tight-knit fraternity the MMA community is—a community of men willing and able to do what 99.999% of the planet is unwilling or unable to do. Silva, and anybody else for that matter, has the responsibility to show respect for his fellow combatant. There’s honor in that cage, and while some pre fight trash talk never hurts, I think I think there has to be a certain line upheld by all fighters.


• I think I think I can’t wait to see the return of Karo Parisyan. The man has cleaned himself up and is now ready to work. I think I love comeback stories as much as anyone.


• I think I think I’d love more fights in L.A. But before that, I think I don’t know what the hell New York City is thinking by not allowing MMA in the Big Apple. The buzz would be tremendous.


• I think I think that Strikeforce’s champions vs. UFC’s champions, hmmmm, not as much as a landslide as it would’ve been a few years ago. Mousasi, Shields, Melendez, and throw Fedor in the mix, not bad at all.


• I think I think I’m baffled as to how certain guys in either organization still pass steroids tests. Have you seen some of these cats nowadays? Damn, it’s like the Smashing Machine all over again.


• I think I think I’m very grateful that Ben Roethlisberger isn’t in our world of MMA. Dealing with him in my other world is enough for me.


• I think I think I’m gonna love watching Rampage Jackson in the new A-Team movie. Dude’s a trip, and if nothing else, it’ll give me a few things to make fun of him for when I see him again. Trust me, he’s always got a barb waiting in the chamber for everyone else.


• I think I think I’m still missing Pride in a big way.


• I think I think it’s time to give Gray Maynard his shot at newly crowned champion Frankie Edgar, who lost to Maynard two years ago.


• I think I think, believe it or not, I’d rather see Anderson Silva square off against a bigger, more aggressive wrestler before he locks up with GSP.


• I think I think we need better security next time I take Rex Ryan with me to a fight.


• I think I think that my Adderall is about to wear off, so I’m not so sure what I’m thinking anymore.

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