Jimmy Wallhead Looking To Teach McClintock How To Lose

(Jim Wallhead. Image by Robert Swann/Cagewarriors)

This Thursday, tough Brit ‘Judo’ Jimmy Wallhead will take on the undefeated Jacob McClintock in a quarter final of the eight-man tournament to determine the number one contender for the Bellator welterweight title.* The Team Rough House man is chomping at the bit ahead of this clash.

“I really can’t wait now,” he divulged. “It’s been a long camp and I just want to get in there now and put all that hard work to the test and enjoy every second.”

Wallhead is aware that he doesn’t have an easy night’s work ahead of him though. His opponent trains out of Arizona Combat Sports, four of his six wins have come by way of knockout, and he holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Gustavo Dantas.

“Jacob is a really good fighter,” admitted Jimmy. “He has been a Jiu Jitsu champion many times and is 6-0 in MMA. He’s never been out of first round and he poses problems for anyone as a 6’2” southpaw that’s very game and tough. I can’t wait. I see him as a great challenge.

“The gameplan really is not play Jiu Jitsu with him, be constantly hitting him and wrestling hard, both aggressively and defensively and put a full fight on his hands. I’m not sure if he’s had that yet.”

(“Judo” Jim presses the action, courtesy of Cagewarriors)

Also, Jimmy asserts he is fighting fit and in tip-top shape. “I’ve had a great camp and preparation has gone well,” he revealed. “I’ve had a few knocks as always, but I’m one-hundred percent ready to go.”

He also enthused about how happy he is to have signed for an organisation on the rise. “Signing for Bellator made my Christmas; it is great,” he beamed. “I think they’re a great promotion with great prospects for fighters, and I believe they will continue to grow and I think I’m part of something special!”

This fight will take place in Texas, USA, and while he’s lost on American soil before via decision against Charles Blanchard in March 2008, he is adamant travelling isn’t an issue.

“I think I will be fine,” declared Wallhead. “I have had problems travelling before but I am very well prepared for the worst now I know what to expect, so I believe it will make no difference.”

In his last outing, Jimmy defeated Che Mills by decision in a hard, gruelling fight. He was understandably content with the outcome.

“I was happy get the win over Che,” he stated. “It was a good result. It wasn’t my greatest performance, but I got the win so I can’t grumble.”

However, right now the task at hand is teaching the unbeaten 22 year-old Jacob McClintock how to lose. Upon being asked for a prediction on how the fight will go, he said, “I reckon it will be a war with me coming out on top by TKO late in the third!”

Only time will tell if he is correct.

Visit http://www.bellator.com for more information on Thursday’s fights.

*It has come to light today that aviation issues caused by the Iceland volcanic eruption may mean that Wallhead is unable to participate in this Thursday’s event. Flights to and from the UK are grounded. His management have told FIGHT! that they are looking at ways to overcome the problems but it looks unlikely at this stage. For more news, follow FIGHT! UK on Twitter.

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