FIGHT! Life: Frank Mir – Brock Lesnar (VIDEO)

Frank Mir is arguably the most well-rounded fighter in the UFC’s heavyweight division who is still in his prime. Brock Lesnar is a force of nature – a blend of size, speed, and power that has never been seen in MMA until now. Both men own embarrassing stoppage victories over each other.

Will they bang heads again? Frank Mir sure hopes so. Why? He really, really, really doesn’t like the cocky country boy with the King Kong physique and the disposition that would make any old-school sensei shake his head in disapproval. In part 7 of this FIGHT! Life series, Mir airs his grievances.

Directed and produced by Matthew Ross. Edit: Ryan Jackson-Healy and Ashley Cahill. Camera: Rick Lee, Marc Rizzo, Randy Ward. Music: Jacques Brautbar.

All event photos by Josh Hedges, Copyright Zuffa, LLC.

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