FIGHT! Rankings: Strikeforce Miami

(Jay Hieron cracked Joe Rigg’s jaw but not our top 10.)

At FIGHT! Magazine, we believe there is a need for a completely objective and unbiased ranking system for fighters to replace the myriad of subjective rankings that have become skewed, in many instances, by fighter popularity. In an effort to address this issue FIGHT! Magazine brings you its computerized rankings system. After each major card we recap who moved up and who moved down in (and sometimes out of) our rankings. Strikeforce: Miami featured several fighters who hang out near the top of our rankings as well as several unranked athletes – let’s see how it all shook out. You can check out our full rankings here.

Newly minted Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nate Diaz has bounced between 155 and 185 pounds but since his teammates hold the titles at the bottom and top of his weight spectrum we have assigned him permanently to our welterweight rankings. A top-10 middleweight, Diaz’s record and strength of competition puts him at #3 in FIGHT!’s welterweight rankings. Diaz’s victim, Marius Zaromskis dropped from #9 to #18 with his TKO loss.

Robbie Lawler and Melvin Manhoef almost swapped spots – Lawler jumped from #36 to #12 while Manhoef drops from #13 to #36. Jay Hieron won a unanimous decision over Joe Riggs but it didn’t help or hurt either much; Hieron is stuck at #11 while Riggs dropped just one spot from #41 to #42. Bobby Lashley notched his third qualifying fight in Miami and entered our heavyweight rankings at #31.

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