Ultimate Fighter Episode Recap: Dana Was Not Impressed By Your Performance


This week’s episode starts with Rashad rubbing Rampage’s nose in the fact that he only has one fighter in the semis but Rashad realizes that training six guys who are fighting each other is problematic. His solution? To have everyone train together but not coach guys individually.

Mitrione’s got the mush head; his eyes are sensitive to light and he feels stupid. His teammates, specifically Justin Wren, think he’s milking it, but Brendan Schaub thinks he’s concussed. McSweeney & Co. celebrate, maybe prematurely, with Kimbo.

Team Rampage’s coaches want Kimbo to fight again. Kimbo wants to fight again. Dana White probably wants Kimbo to come back. Spike TV definitely wants Kimbo to come back. McSweeney badmouths Mitrione to Team Rashad coaches and even Rashad admits he’d like to see Rampage come back.

Rampage and Tiki buy a half-dozen chickens “Again it backfires on us.”

Mitrione spends the night at the hospital and Team Rampage is convinced that he’s out of the competition. Dana shows up at the house unannounced and asks Mitrione how he’s feeling, if he thinks he’s going to fight. White is concerned about Mitrione’s well-beng and Mitrione doesn’t help himself in a confessional interview when he gets confused about who he fought in the first round.

The first semifinal fight is Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson. “I’m still waiting to be impressed by him,” says Dana of Roy Nelson. Conversely, Dana was very impressed with Wren. Cut to fight day. “I gotta get two more wins or my wife’s gonna get pissed off,” says Nelson.

Round One Wren’s aggressive with his punches. Nelson lands a few counters but Wren rushes and does damage. Nelson clichés and pushes Wren against the cage. Knees to thigh Nelson. Josh Rosenthal moves them back to the center of the cage and Nelson lets his hands go. Wren clips Nelson then lands a nice left hook. Jabs Nelson. Stiff right from Wren. Leg kick Nelson. Exchange, both guys landing shots on the inside. Big leg kick Nelson. Tough round to call. Wren blocked Nelson’s power shots. I’d give it to Wren 10-9 on damaging strikes and Octagon control.

Round Two Slow start. Leg kick Wren. Counter Nelson. Leg kick Wren. Big punches blocked by both guys. Leg kick Wren. Wren attempts a takedown, gets stuffed, and stumbles backwards. Both guys are gassed now. Uppercuts from Nelson in the clinch. Leg kick Nelson. Big hook from Nelson broke through Nelson’s defenses. Leg kick Roy. Jab Nelson. Wren’s hook connects. Leg kicks. Jab Nelson. And again. And again. Leg kick Nelson. More jabs from “Big Country.” Body shot Nelson. Wren swings wildly. Leg kick Wren. Quick hook Nelson. Leg kick Wren, counter right Nelson. In the clinch, then out. The round ends. I’d say 10-9 Nelson and on to a third round.

Rosenthal says there is a winner. “This is a third-round fight,” says Rashad. “Somebody’s getting’ screwed.” Nelson by majority decision. Didn’t expect that. Nelson said he connected a lot more but until the second half of the second round, Wren defended them. Ce la vie. That’s why they say you should never leave it in the hands of the judges.

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