Chris Stringer's Dreams for "Nightmare"

(Stringer & Clementi)

by FIGHT! contributor Thomas McCullough

Chris Stringer is hoping for a Hollywood moment when he faces UFC veteran Rich Clementi on November 29 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Stringer has been called up to replace the injured Peter Duncan in the main event of Cage Wars Championship’s “Nightmare” card. “I feel like I’m in the first Rocky movie,” Stringer says. “Rich is a star in the MMA game and I’m the new kid on the block, up and coming against a veteran. It’s a chance to really show my skills on the big stage.”

Holding a record of 7-7-1, “The Menace” became interested in martial arts thanks to his childhood television habits. “When I was younger my parents wouldn’t let me stay in doors and watch TV. They always tried to get me into sport. I always loved martial arts when I was younger. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are what got me started. I was addicted to Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies,” says Stringer.

A nine-fight veteran of the Octagon, Clementi is 1-1 since leaving the organization. He racked up five wins against four losses in the UFC, leaving twice to win in smaller organizations during his run. For Clementi, this fight is an opportunity to develop his skill set and take another step back towards televised paydays.

“I want to establish my will in this fight. I think that’s what I’ve been lacking lately,” says Clementi. “I want to take chances; I’ve never been knocked out in my life so I think I need to start testing my chin more.”

A former U.S. Marine, “No Love”, sounded ever confident against his Irish opponent, saying: “No matter what he says or thinks, the way I fight will worry him. I’m stronger and more experienced and he better hope I hurt myself in a slam or something”.

Ignoring his opponent’s remarks, Stringer says, “He might be stronger, but I will be faster than him. Yes, he has the experience but big deal, it’s not like this is my first fight. I hope he gets complacent and takes me lightly. He’s a typical American and says things like that. I know he’s training his nuts off. He can’t afford to lose to me.”

“This fight will put me on the map, simple as that,” Stringer says.

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