Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: My Mush Head Was Legit


After each week’s episode, TUF 10 cast member Matt Mitrione shares his thoughts about what happened on and off camera.

I’ve had some concussions, not necessarily diagnosed but I had concussions. I fell out of a truck and landed on my head, I had some other things in my life where I got mush head. It was nothing from sports.

After the Junk fight my mush head was legit. I felt like I was walking around in someone else’s body. The headaches were really bad and I was light-sensitive. The fact that I was throwing up a little bit, that’s what made me want to go to the hospital. The light sensitivity went away after, like, 24 hours. After I got home I pretty much disappeared for a little while. All I wanted to do was sleep, so Dana came by to see how I was doing. A couple of days later I felt better but after seeing myself, I was dumber than I thought I was. I just didn’t feel right and it took a tremendous amount of effort to make a simple movement.

Then Rashad brought in some guy from Greg Jackson’s who sat me down on the couch like a psychologist and tried to talk to me about things I’m doing. Then he put me through this workout and I’m really having to bust my hump to do a really minor workout and it’s like, why are they pushing me so hard? I had a concussion two days ago. The guy was like, you’re fine, you’re fine, go tell Rashad you can fight, go tell him you can fight. I was like, what’s going on here? I felt like I was on “The Truman Show.” It was weird.

It happened early in the week and the doctor set a deadline of Saturday afternoon to clear me. At no point was I worried about brain damage but two concussions in a week? Yeah, that would concern me. Especially when I’m fighting a world-class kickboxer who’s probably going to be throwing head kicks.

As far as the fight, I’m pretty sure Justin won the first round. Roy played it safe but the thing that bothered me the most was that Roy stole Justin’s thunder after the fight. After the fight, Roy said he didn’t throw his right hand because he didn’t want to hurt Justin. That’s not cool, especially because Roy almost got knocked out in the first round.

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