Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: I'm No Snitch


Following each episode of The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights, Team Rashad member Matt Mitrione will share his thoughts on what happened on camera and behind the scenes.

I’m the villain of tonight’s episode but reality TV isn’t always real. Because of the nature of the show I can’t get into the details right now but it’s safe to say that Scott Junk threw me under the bus.

Just so you know, the coaches asked us who we wanted to fight before Roy fought Kimbo. They asked who I wanted to fight and I said Kimbo. They said, no, that’s not a good match up because he’s right handed and he throws a big hook that’ll come up behind you. I was like, all right. I gave them a bunch of other names and they were like, no, no, no. I think they were concerned about Marcus and they were like, ‘we don’t know anything about Matt so we’ll just give him Marcus. If he wins, great, if he doesn’t, well we didn’t expect him to anyways.’

I found out that Justin Wren was going to fight Scott Junk and for reasons I can’t get into right now I told Junk. For some reason he told Wren and then he gets on the f***in’ video and calls me a f***in’ meathead who can’t control his mouth.

I’m a college graduate with a successful business, I’m an intelligent person and I know what I’m doing. For Junk to try to play me like an airhead retard who can’t put one foot in front of the other? F*** him. So from that point on all I cared about was f***ing his ass up. But I just had to eat it. I had to eat it and apologize and say I just wasn’t thinking. Even if the rest of the guys knew the whole story they’d have given me a hard time because I was going to sell them out but it was the best strategy for me. F*** it, if Team Rashad goes 8-0 and runs the table, we’re fightin’ each other anyways so you have to look out for yourself.

At the table I was reeling so I kept saying, ‘we’ll just switch it up, we’ll just switch it up.’ They didn’t show me going to the coaches after that and saying, ‘let me fight Junk, let me fight Junk.’ That must be where they got this thing about me not wanting to fight Marcus. It’s such bullshit. I’m not afraid to fight anybody. I’ll fight anybody they put in front of me. The coaches thought Junk was the best fighter on Team Rampage. I had no concern or worry about fighting Marcus. From what I know from talking to Marcus, he’s uncomfortable throwing hands. That just means that I’m going to punch Marcus in the face.

From that moment forward I did everything I could to manipulate the best possible outcome for me. It may not make me look good right now but everything will make sense by the end of the show. I may be a guy who’s coming up with schemes but I’m no dummy, I’m no punk, and I’m no snitch.

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