FIGHT! Across America

As I look back and thank my lucky stars that I have survived my many trips across the country discovering up-and-coming organizations in MMA, I like to reflect on the one time — not at MMA camp — that I visited Louisville, Ky, to check out the Revolution Fight League (RFL). Not only was it a weekend of debauchery with Rory Singer and Brian Bowles, it was also a weekend when I discovered this new organization that I had a feeling will be around for a while … and also discovered that I could comfortably pass out in the back of a complete stranger’s truck.

Fast forward to present time. I am now back in my car heading just outside of Louisville, Ky, to do a follow-up story on the RFL. It has been just over a year since the last show I attended, which was documented in FIGHT!. Its production was above average, the fight card was awesome, and MMA legend Ken Shamrock was in attendance. When I wrote the previous article, I let all of you know that I would be back… and so here I am with another great tale to tell about the RFL.

This time around, the RFL was held at Harrah’s Horseshoe Casino & Hotel Outdoor Arena, located about 10 minutes outside of Louisville in Southern Indiana. This was my first outdoor event, and, considering how hot it was outside, I wasn’t sure how well it would go. After spending the previous day at Churchill Downs with Jens Pulver, we were ready to tear up this show.

There was a separate area to socialize, which turned the whole event basically into MMA-Palooza. The arena was one of the best I had seen in the last couple years; the cage setup and the remainder of the production value blew away the previous RFL show that I attended. As for the attendance, it was a SOLD OUT event — which was around 4,000 people. That is a great number for a non-UFC event.

Jens Pulver and Junie Browning were in attendance signing autographs and even cornering some of the fighters. This is always a treat for the MMA fans to attend a local event and get to take pics with MMA stars with their fists in the air. The Fight of the Night was between Erik Florez and Tim Cook. This was a rematch of their previous matchup, which Erik won. After three rounds of complete back-and-forth action — whether it was stand-up or on the ground — these guys gave their hearts out and stole the show. Late in the third round, Erik took a vicious elbow while in guard position that opened him up like a busted grapefruit. The ref was forced to stop the fight, and the win went to Tim Cook. This was an amazing fight, and I look forward to their rubber match in the future.

After all was said and done, this show was well worth the 6-hour drive and more. Make sure you check out the Revolution Fight League (www. Its shows are always worth a trip to Kentucky and the surrounding areas. You never know who will be sitting right next to you.

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