Vintage Beauty

The winner of FIGHT! Magazine’s “FIGHT GIRL” Contest at SUGAR BAR in Columbus, Ohio, Tiffany Habib’s name means ‘lover’ in Lebanese and ‘sweetheart’ in Syrian. We’re sure you’ll fall for this beauty at first glance—we sure did!

So Tiffany, where did you grow up and where are you now?

I actually grew up in the outskirts. I was born & raised in a really small country village in Ohio called Adamsville. It is seriously less than a mile long & everyone knows everyone! I moved to Columbus after I graduated high school…and I still live there.

You’re certainly an exotic beauty. What nationality are you?

Well, thanks! I am Lebanese and Syrian.

When you’re not modeling, what else is keeping you busy these days?

I work two jobs—at Sugar Bar as a Go Go dancer and promoter and I’m one of those infamous Hooters Girls!

A go-go dancer, huh? That sounds pretty active. Were you athletic in high school too?

I was a competitive gymnast for over six years, but I was forced to quit when I was about 15 due to an injury.

So tell us about some of your modeling gigs.

I started modeling when I was 18, about two years ago. My first photo shoot was a featured spread on Maxim Magazine’s website. I’ve worked with some great companies and individuals, but my favorite would have to be having the opportunity to travel with Hot Import Nights! And of course, my newest, most prestigious accomplishment—this wonderful pictorial for FIGHT!

You’re hot. Hot girls get hit on. Tell us about the most pathetic attempt to pick you up.

Since I work in a club, it’s just become very routine for me to hear something ridiculous. One time a guy tried to pick me up by having a 10-minute conversation about the hoop earrings I was wearing. It was really strange! I just flash my ring around and politely hint that I’m happily taken.

Our readers just hung their heads and cried. Taken, you say? What type of guy wins your heart?

Ha ha! Yes, I’m taken! A guy with a big heart, confidence, intelligence and a great sense of humor is what I’m attracted to the most. I really love blue eyes, too!

We mini-cyber-stalked your MySpace page. It says, “I’m classy like a ’57 Cadillac; got all the drive, but a whole lot of boom in the back.” Explain please.

Ha ha! That’s something I found years ago on a website and it just kind of stuck with me. I guess you could say I’m a classy girl with a lot of determination, but I’ve got a past back there in the dust somewhere. But hey, who doesn’t right?

Everyone looking at this has noticed your abs already. How do you stay so fit?

Is this where I’m supposed to fabricate this strenuous workout routine that I do daily? Ha ha, I’ll just be honest and tell you that I get my workout by dancing. I love to dance. I’m just naturally tiny and muscular. I try and eat healthy and I never drink pop.

You’re a 5’ 2”, 100-pound fi recracker! How would you describe yourself?

A handful!

Ahhh. Just the way we like ‘em. Congrats on winning the contest and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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