Skyscrape: Memory Lane (Part Two)

(Dan “Punkass” Caldwell, Charles “Mask” Lewis, Tim “Skyscrape” Katz)

It’s hard to imagine but some of the TapouT Crew’s shenanigans are too silly for television. On the road taping their show for Versus, Tim “Skyscrape” Katz, Dan “Punkass” Caldwell, and the late Charles “Mask” Lewis, stopped at WEC bantamweight Jeff Curran’s Illinois gym.

Choosing from “three shopping carts full of fireworks,” Katz and Caldwell stuck bottle rockets as thick a “a roll of quarters” in their sleeves when entering Team Curran’s facility. Lewis asked Nate Mohr to hit the heavy bag louder to cover up noise as he distracted Curran and crew.

“All of a sudden–it was one of those fireworks, one of those bottle rockets, that when they go off they go bwoooooo throughout the room,” said Katz. “And when they blow up, its flying colors, like those Disneyland Fireworks. I knew it was coming, so I just kinda put my shoulders up and ducked my head.”

“I see it shoot past me and all of a sudden it explodes. And there’s bright colors all over the gym. I look up and Bart Palaszewski is jumping up and down on one foot, holding his other foot. It hit him in the toe,” he said,

The IFL and WEC veteran was wearing sandals and fell to the mat as the gym filled with smoke.

“He had a fight coming up in like a week and I thought, ‘Oh god, we just took him out of this fight. So the first thing I started thinking was start laughing, keep laughing so no one gets mad.”

Palaszewski was unharmed, and the TapouT Crew laughed it off – just another day at the office.

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