Rabbit Punch Radio: UFC Welterweight Contender Jon Fitch


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On the first episode of Fight Magazine’s Rabbit Punch Radio, mixed martial arts journalist Danny Acosta and professional comedian Kris Tinkle (USO Tour, opened for Zach Galifinakis, Dave Chappelle) stumble blindly through their debut show, but are guided to the promise land by UFC welterweight Jon Fitch. The No. 2 170-pounder in the world was in-studio and candid, discussing “Crazy” Bob Cook battling Ken Pavia, his plans to fight for the title in 2010 and his wrestler’s mentality among other topics. Tune in to hear about his musical tastes, his time as a teacher, and the upcoming documentary about his title loss to Georges St. Pierre. Can’t forget UFC Undisputed 2009 too.

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