Bruce Buffer: You Spin Me Right 'Round

During preliminary bouts, the 52-year-old “Voice Of The Octagon” will announce a Mixed Martial Artist’s name, record, hometown and fighting style right before he faces them with either “The Buffer 45” or “The Buffer 90,” a fluid 45 or 90-degree turn in their respective direction. But for the main and co-main event of the evening, he’ll do a complete 180-degree turn, appropriately called “The Buffer 180.”

Though his trademark movements are already that of legend, rumors of a executing a possible “Buffer 360” have been running rampant. Joe Rogan said that if he were to see the move at a live show, he may poop his pants.

In this exclusive, Buff sheds some light on such a possible move.

FIGHT! Magazine: That “Buffer 180” is pretty damn fast. You move like a whip.

Bruce Buffer: (Laughs) You know, it’s funny. On YouTube, fans are cool about making these tribute videos and filming from the audience, and they’re making comments like, “That’s lightening fast. He’s no human. He’s superhuman,” and I’m laughing at it. But when I watch the videos, cause I’m watching myself, I’m like, “Wow, that is fast!” I didn’t realize it as that fast cause I’m just doing it. It’s not easy on the hips and knees, I’ll tell you that much! But my body, for some reason, seems to handle it very well. Now ten years from now when I’m 62, it might be slightly slower and I’ll be back down to human level.

FM: You’ll still be faster than anyone else I know. Are you afraid of people ripping it off?

BB: You know I’m not afraid of any of that. Bottom line, a lot of announcers write me and wanna be announcers. I give them advice, and one thing I tell everybody … if you notice, my brother Michael is the legendary ring announcer of all time and I don’t think our styles are similar. They’re very different. So what I’m saying is when an announcer wants to become an announcer, [what they should do] is to create their own style. Because to me, people that copy other people, yes it’s the sign of flattery. But at the same time, you’re never gonna become special to what you do. You’re gonna seem like everybody else. But if people wanna copy me, That’s fine. I just do what I do.

FM: We’ve heard rumblings of “The Buffer 360.” What’s this all about?

BB: Well, I think way the 360 came about is people were calling it “The Turn,” “The Whip Turn,” “The Point,” and [there were] so many fans writing on forums and sending me emails, and contacting me through Facebook. I said, “Let me make this simple. It’s obviously the 180-degree turn.” I also do a 45-degree turn and a 90-degree turn with the fights leading up to it. But the 180 is primarily [reserved] for the main and co-main events. So when I named it the 180, then people started thinking, “When’s he gonna do a 720? When’s he gonna do a 540?” And then, all of a sudden, Joe Rogan did that video about the 360. Now, the 360 is do-able, [but] I’m not a clown. I’m not gonna do something and look stupid, and take away from the class that the UFC is. I would never, ever do that. But the 360 is very do-able.

FM: That video was classic. So when and where are you going to premiere “The Buffer 360?”

BB: It’s the type of thing where if I do it, I’ll do it one time and keep it in the archives, but you literally have to be airborne to do the 360. When I say airborne, its just a couple of inches off the ground because I can face you and do a 360 like you saw in that video and land exactly where I started. So that’s what a 360 is and it has to be for the ultimate event, the ultimate point of the evening at a key point, if that happens. If I’m gonna do a 360, the only place I’m gonna do the 360 is at UFC 100 and when that decision is made, it will be made at that exact millisecond that it happens because I don’t rehearse what I’m gonna do. If I rehearse every move I was gonna make and choreographed it, I guarantee I’d screw up because all I’m trying to do a follow a program. When I’m in there announcing, I’m feeding off the energy, feeding off the excitement and from what I am seeing with UFC 100, it’s gonna be the most exciting UFC in the history of the sport. The 360 – Can I do it? Yes I can do it. Is it gonna happen? We will see.

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