New Kid In Class

We’d like to introduce you to Logan Stanton, the newest addition to the UFC’s roster. When we found out we’d be seeing her regularly in the halls we just had to fi nd out more. Homeroom will never be the same.

So what’s the background on Logan Stanton?

I’m 20. I was born in Illinois. When I was one I moved to England and I lived there for 8 years.

What the hell were you doing in England?

My dad moved there for work. I don’t remember much of it, to be honest. Then I moved to my little town of Niceville, Florida.

The 8-5-0.

The 8-5-0! Represent!

You went to middle school and high school there?

Yeah, a huge dork, like defi nitely one of the nerdy kids all throughout middle school and high school, but I had a blast.

What’d you do in high school? You didn’t cheerlead or do gymnastics…

Oh—no way! I don’t look like a cheerleader. I kind of got into sports in middle school. I did like soccer and softball and stuff and then I didn’t do anything in high school. I actually kind of regret it. I wasn’t in any clubs. I didn’t do anything noteworthy.

So you graduated high school and then what happened?

And then I moved about an hour away and went to college and tried that out. It was nice to get out of the house and it was so cool to be out on my own. And then I think I just got kind of tired of everything—like my little simple boring life and I ran away to Miami to try out this whole modeling thing.

And how did that all come about? Did you just wake up one day and go, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m actually not the dorky girl from high school anymore, I’m hot now!’

No!!! Actually the opportunity had come up earlier that year and I turned it down because I was caught up in other stuff. Then it just came to this point where you know what? I might as well just try it because I’ll regret it if I don’t. So I don’t know what hit me but it just did one day and I moved down to Miami. But I’m probably moving to L.A. permanently very soon.

So now to the obvious question—where did the whole UFC thing come about? How did that all fi t in?

I have no idea. I really don’t. I didn’t like win a contest or anything. It was just like really random. I got a call from my agency one day saying, ‘have you ever heard of the UFC?—They want to meet with you,’ I’m like, ‘that’s kind of strange, I don’t know what they could possibly want with me,’ but I fl ew out to Vegas…they told me they wanted me to be the new Octagon girl!

Did they offer it to you right there on the spot?

Yeah—well, they had me try on the little outfi t fi rst and then they offered it to me!

Ahhh, the outfi t. Had you seen the UFC before this whole thing came about?

Oh yeah, I was watching it back in the 90s. Yeah, I would always be at Hooters and whatnot watching it when it came on. I wasn’t like a crazy fan and I don’t claim to know everything about it, but yeah, I defi – nitely watched it and I was pretty stoked when they called me. Everyone is amazing. I haven’t talked to anyone that I don’t like yet. They’re so sweet and it’s so well-organized. It’s just like a really great company.

You’re only 20. How do you get around in Miami and Vegas and do all the things that people in Miami and Vegas are supposed to do? You wouldn’t be one of those naughty people with a fake ID would you?

No—I’ve got connections, bitch! [laughs] No, I don’t have a fake ID, but I have a lot of promoter friends down here in Miami so we’re regulars at the club. But I don’t really like to go out anymore. I like my alone time and my friends do too, so we do a lot of corny stuff like…bowling and the movies.

What’s your favorite thing in the world to do?

My favorite? Eat! I think about eating more than anything else during the day. I also love just being outdoors. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing as long as I’m outdoors and it’s sunny— anything, hiking, biking, whatever.

What are Logan’s words to live by?

One of my favorite quotes is, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

A little Ghandi never hurt anyone! May you bring joy to fans between rounds for years to come.

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