Fight! Across America

As I pass the giant dinosaur that prowls near I-64, I ponder the badass fi ght league everyone in the Southeast has been talking about. Ever since I began writing FIGHT! Across America, people have been calling and emailing about a local fi ght organization with production values equivalent to BoDog or the WEC. So, to satisfy my curiosity, I make the lonesome six-hour trip to Louisville in a rented Nissan X-Terra.

Once I arrive in Louisville, I check into my room and head to dinner with friends from After dinner, we head to the weigh-ins, held at City Block in downtown Louisville. They go off without a hitch, and as usual, leave me pumped for the upcoming fi ghts. After a reminder of how useless rental car navigation systems can be, I fi nally make it back to my hotel to prepare for the fi ghts the following day.

I arrive at Broadbent Arena mid-morning, and am greeted by Revolution Fight League President Bryan Van Houten. He takes me inside for a tour of the arena. As I walk in, I realize that the fans weren’t exaggerating. In fact, they may have understated what the RFL has to offer. I’m talking about elevated platforms for fi ghter entrances, laser and fog machines, four titan-trons, and a DJ booth. Yes, I said a DJ booth. How cool is that!?! I thought they were going to have a rave at intermission. The cage was as big as EliteXC’s, and the mat rivaled the WEC’s.

After the tour, Bryan introduced me to his team – Tom and Rebecca Keeton. Together, the three of them run the best up-and-coming league I know of.

This was one hell of an event. Ken Shamrock and HDNET Fights were both in the audience. When the bell sounded for the fi rst fi ght, I knew the RFL easily rivaled the BoDog Fight’s of the world . The fi ghters’ entrances were great, and the entertainment factor was a 9.5 out of 10. I almost forgot – the ring girls and go-go dancers were the sort men drop to their knees and thank heaven for.

Throughout the night, I found myself deeply involved in every match, and on the edge of my seat. Revolution Fight League exemplifi es what every newer organization should strive for. My hat goes off to them. Be sure to visit www.revolutionfi to fi nd their next show. You won’t want to miss it.

By the way, a huge thanks goes out to Eric Flores and the Highlander Fight Team for the tremendous hangover I had on my drive back to Atlanta. Can’t wait to do it again.

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