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Who is the best pound-for-pound fi ghter in the world? It seems like the choices are down to UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. Neither fi ghter has any signifi cant holes in their game. While neither is invincible, they are as close as you can get in MMA.

Both have outstanding ground games – their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is unsurpassed. GSP has better wrestling skills, while Silva has better Muay Thai – his strikes are a work of art, precision, and power. We give the razor-thin nod to Silva, since he hasn’t lost in so long. There are rumors that the two could meet in the Octagon, with a catch weight.


Dana White has made a point of cutting fi ghters who he thinks put forth anything short of their all in the Octagon. This is a smart move by the UFC President. The beauty of MMA is that while winning is important, it isn’t everything. The common theme in this sport is giving it all in the Octagon or ring in a fi ght. On The Ultimate Fighter, Matt Serra made a point to tell Joe Scarola to give his all and the outcome would fi x itself. But when he fought Mac Danzig, it seemed like he stopped when he thought he had done enough, and then quit the show. Serra immediately cut all ties to his former student, due to Joe’s lack of heart. Those who give their all in MMA get respect regardless of the outcome.


MMA has been such a sensation because you always got the matches you wanted. The UFC had the best fi ghters in the business and was the only credible organization around. Now the sport is fl ooded with promotions that want to lock fi ghters up with exclusive contracts. This is going to water down the topnotch matchups we have seen in the past. Everyone wants to see Fedor fi ght Couture, but the bout is still held up due to contracts. Fedor is wasting a lot of his time and career sitting on the sidelines, and fi ghting Tim Sylvia is not going to ease the critics’ concerns. We just don’t want MMA to go the way of boxing, seeing marquee fi ghts way too late in the fi ghters’ careers.


Now is the time for MMA to get serious about weight classes. They are currently much too broad. As a result, fi ghters who are good at cutting weight have too big of an advantage. We suggest new weight classes of 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 200, 225, and 265+. This will make opportunities for more fi ghters. Additionally, fi ghters in the Octagon will be closer to their walking around weights. Imagine the drama and speculation about which fi ghter will be going to which weight class. It would be nothing but great for the business and the sport.


Speaking of match ups, we need to see the fi ght that didn’t happen between Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. We are sure Dana White is going to book this one – he would leave way too much money on the table if he didn’t. They have both been on the show in the last six months, and they do truly hate each other. This will be one the best fi ghts, with nothing but ill will involved.

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