May 2008 MMA Life

Breaking It Down

One of the benefi ts of FIGHT! going monthly is that this great magazine is now delivered frequently enough that I have the occasional opportunity to examine upcoming fi ghts and betting lines. This month, I’d like to take some time away from my usual “how to” columns and do exactly that. The headliner at [...]

MMA Pros Vs. Not-So-Average -Joes

There are badasses in every professional sport: bowling has Walter Ray “Deadeye” Williams, billiards has Dennis “Robocop” Orcollo, and darts has Phil “The Power” Taylor. What, you’ve never heard of them? With nicknames like that, you know these fellows are legit. But throw any of these respected pros into the Octagon, and we might not [...]

Gary Goodridge

Damn good but not great, fi rst runner up always gets a line in the almanac but fades quickly from public memory. Don’t believe me? Quick, who lost Super Bowl XXXII? Name the fi ve teams the Chicago Bulls trounced en route to their six NBA titles in the 1990s. Who did Muhammad Ali defeat [...]

Bright Lights Big City

There’s a school of thought that maintains fi ghters should live like monks. No sex, no booze, no contact with popular culture or anything that distracts them from their training. Stories of isolation from the world have become as proverbial as they are predictable: the high-altitude training sessions in Big Bear, the Spartan purity of [...]

Special Operations and MMA

The popularity of mixed martial arts in the civilian world cannot be disputed. Thousands of weekly events and tournaments, hundreds of schools, and millions of fans keep the sport moving closer in fame to the big three: basketball, football, and baseball. Every day, more people are getting involved in the ultimate fi ghting system. If [...]

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