March 2010 Quick Hits

5 Minutes With Phil Davis

After capturing an NCAA wrestling title, was it your dream to make it to the UFC? The UFC wasn’t necessarily my dream. My dream was to be the best, but Dana White would probably argue that if I dreamt of being the best then that included the UFC, so in that aspect, yes [laughs]. I [...]

10 Ultimate Answers

FIGHT! took Bas Rutten through a speed round of MMA questioning. Don’t worry, we watched out for the liver shot. 10. How do you sound cool when talking trash? “Listen to Barry White, then talk like him.” 9. What’s the key to making weight? “Eat, relax, have sex, then fight at heavyweight.” 8. Is there [...]

Ask Brian Bowles

WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles’ unparallel run through the WEC saw The HardCore Gym fighter finish five consecutive fights en route to a title shot. Bowles, who entered the organization at a novice 3–0 record, systemically and emphatically disposed of top-10 135-pounders, including pound-for-pound standout Miguel Torres with a vicious knockout to capture the gold. [...]

The MMA Name Game

Need a little help pronouncing some of those tongue-twisting names on the next fight card? We’ve got ya covered. Take one look at the roster of any MMA organization, and it is easy to see that MMA is a global sport, featuring fighters from all over the world. Whereas the language of fighting can be [...]

Read This

It’s somewhat difficult to wrap your brain around the image of an MMA fighter hitting the gym hard, coming home with black eyes and bruised knuckles, and then settling into the easy chair with a good book. However, the power of the written word is undeniable. It teaches, it motivates, it changes lives. We asked [...]

Dominique Diroff

So Dominique, give us the run down. Tell us a litle about yourself. Well, I’m a full-time model with Ford modeling agency. I moved to Miami Beach over the summer to pursue modeling full-time. I am also finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business Management. If you’re modeling full-time you must take care of yourself, how [...]

Hire Heroes

Brian Stann led a Marine Company that numbered nearly 950 men at one point. Now, he leads only seven, but the rewards are no less satisfying. As the executive director of Hire Heroes USA, Stann’s mission is to provide career placement assistance in the civilian job market for returning servicemen and women when they separate [...]

The Big Dog Barks

When the name “Renzo Gracie” is spoken, it resonates gameness—the innate burn to fight anyone at anytime. That’s why when Renzo’s first black belt, Ricardo Almeida, walked away from mixed martial arts as one of the world’s best middleweights at 24 years old, the fight world was shocked a natural fighter like Almeida could trade [...]

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