December 2011 Features

Purpose Driven Fight

UFC welterweight Jon Fitch is always just one fight away… one big finish away. Johnny Cash’s acoustic guitar gallops over the loudspeakers. Showtime. Gravel-voiced UFC coordinator Burt Watson signals the charge from the dressing rooms to the Octagon in Syndey’s Acer Arena. The UFC’s production crew keeps a tight pace around Jon Fitch as he [...]

2011 Holiday Gift Guide

JUDGOI SAN Those aren’t pajamas you’re getting beat down in. GAMENESS ELITE GI As The Dude in The Big Lebowski once said, “Yeah, I’ve got a rash, man.” If The Dude was wearing Gameness Elite’s new gi with a sewn in rashguard, he’d be enjoying a Caucasian in the tub…rash-free. $259.00 HAYABUSA PRO JIU [...]

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