FIGHT! Life: Team Alpha Male, with Urijah Faber (VIDEO)

FIGHT! Life: Team Alpha Male, with Urijah Faber (VIDEO)


Urijah Faber isn’t just a superstar fighter for World Extreme Cagefighting. He’s also a successful entrepreneur, a budding real-estate mogul, and the leader of a dozen or so bad-asses known as Team Alpha Male. The unofficial king of the Sacramento MMA scene breaks down his recipe for success. Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Shot by Rick Lee and James Martinec. Edited by Ashley Cahill and Ryan Jackson-Healy.


  1. I Just had a brain storm and thought I might share it with you and see if my thought could help you be more successful, If my idea is already in progress good but if not even better. Ready here we go!!!!

    We all know that the WEC, UFC, @ Pride have their own champions but if we could somehow organize a superbowl ( whatever you want to call it ) of champions and name that champion whatever. I think this would boost all networks and help everyone in MMA more successful.

    Please let me know if this is a good Idea or if this has already been done before.

    Michael Romedy Sr.

  2. When Zuffa/UFC purchased Pride it had a meeting of champions from both organizations so they could unify the belts. I do not see a Superbowl like promotion being possible because you are still going to run into the problems that we have now. And that is the inability of companies to cross promote(Aside from Dream and Strikeforce). Besides everytime we have a title fight its like its own mini super bowl. But you also might be saying that you want to see all champions fight on one card and I dont see that happening either.

    As far as the Urijah Faber movie, for the length of time i thought it was awesome. Wish you guys had more footage. He seems like an awesome guy and a smart businessman.

  3. Bellator is that but I dont think the UFC or zuffa will let there guys fight in it but is a breat tournament and all the fights were great last year and the line up looks good for this year, some good fighters from Mexico which UFC is soon to be apart of.. but guys from Brazil, Mexico, and other places like Dream, Strikeforce, ect…

  4. I believe the owners of the large las vegas casinos have the power to push for a unification event. Just like boxing has the ibf and the wbc etc., The u.f.c. and the others could have a super fight with the one promoter gaining financially should their fighter win

  5. I have ajways wondered about unification events. wec has all kinds of talent at bantaam, feather, and light weight. I would love to see an excellent fighter like Urijah Faber, or Ben Henderson, take on B.J. Penn. It seems as if the ufc does not carry as much talent in the lighter weight divisions as wec has.

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