FIGHT! Rankings: UFC 109 Relentless

FIGHT! Rankings: UFC 109 Relentless


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At FIGHT! Magazine, we believe there is a need for a completely objective and unbiased ranking system for fighters to replace the myriad of subjective rankings that have become skewed, in many instances, by fighter popularity. In an effort to address this issue FIGHT! Magazine brings you its computerized rankings system. Last night’s fights had a surprising affect on the rankings so let’s see how things shook out after UFC 109: Relentless.

In the main co-main event, Randy Couture took out fellow UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman with a second-round rear naked choke. That bumped “The Natural” two spots in FIGHT!’s Light Heavyweight Rankings, from #8 to #6. Coleman dropped from #16 to #21 and likely out of the UFC.

In the less-main co-main event Chael Sonnen very nearly dominated Nate Marquardt from bell to bell as he promised. Marquardt held steady at #5 in FIGHT!’s Middleweight Rankings but in a move that is sure to make some people’s heads explode, our rankings algorithm has installed Sonnen at #1. Yes, #1. Do with that what you will.

Mike Swick fell completely out of contention, dropping from #10 to #36 in FIGHT!’s Welterweight Rankings. after Paulo Thiago finished him with a d’arce choke. Thiago jumped from #19 to #8 and is likely a couple of quality wins away from a title shot. In other 170-pound action, Matt Serra’s knockout win over Frank Trigg moved them fom #28 to #12 and #40 to #52, respectively.

The only other action relevant to the Top 50 of any weight class was Demian Maia holding on to the #8 Middleweight spot with his unanimous decision win against Dan Miller, who hung tight at #31. Brian Stann dropped from #25 to #43 at Light Heavyweight with his loss to unranked Phil Davis. Go here for the full rundown of rankings by weightclass.


  1. Silva isnt number one because he hasnt fought in awhile due to his injury. Once he beats belfort he will be back at one. I’m excited to see chael fight silva. I want to see how Silva will handle chael’s superior wrestling skills. Another fight i want to see is GSP vs Chael (and gsp vs silva). I think GSP’s wrestling is better, but it would be an interesting match.

    • I think you hit it on the head, Dylan. A ranking is a ranking, it’s not permanent and it’s subjective no matter how objective we try to make it. What I think happened is two fold – one, like you said, Silva’s time away from the division hurt him in our equation, and frankly, the last two guys Sonnen beat at 185 are better than the last two guys that Silva beat in the division. I am not sure how his wins at 205 factor in, if at all. At any rate, I think Sonnen is at WORST a very, very close second right now but all we have to do to settle the issue is watch them fight!

  2. Facing a wrestler of Chaels stature isnt exactly a new test for Silva. Lets not forget that he shut Dan Henderson DOWN, on the ground, none the less. If Chael were to beat Silva it wouldnt be his wrestling that got it done. By the way, Vitor is the mutha f*#$ing man and after he beats Silva hes gonna handle Sonnen too!

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