Size Ain't Sh*t: "King Mo" Talks Mark Kerr

Size Ain't Sh*t: "King Mo" Talks Mark Kerr


From the people who brought you the “The Year of the Mo” and “Kingdom of Mayhem” mini-documentary series’ comes a new video in which Mohammed “King Mo” Lawal talks about a knee injury sustained in training and exacerbated during his Sengoku 7 fight against Ryo Kawamura and his upcoming match with Mark Kerr at M-1 Global Breakthrough on Aug. 28 in Kansas City, Kan.

King Mo talks about fighting Mark Kerr and knee surgury from All Elbows on Vimeo.


  1. What are the chances of King Mo being signed by the UFC? Does King Mo fight in only the Light Heavyweight division or could he move down to the Middleweight division to eventually contend against Silva?

    From the fights I’ve seen on Youtube, King Mo is an exciting fighter.

    • Mo has said that he’ll fight wherever the bread is, but he’ll likely hang out at 205. He can say that size ain’t shit, and maybe that’s true when he’s fighting Travis Wiuff, but it won’t be when he’s fighting UFC-quality heavyweights.

  2. I just read that Silva may be vacating his middleweight belt for a permanent move to the Light Heavyweight division, what have you heard? Silva also said that he would never fight his teammate Lyoto Machida, so I don’t know of the legitimacy. I don’t see anyone other than Silva beating Lyoto Machida anytime soon, as much as I would like to see Machida lose the belt because I find him boring and frankly agrivating to watch and becuase he drinks his own urine, yuk!

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