Scott Coker: Frienemies (VIDEO)

Scott Coker: Frienemies (VIDEO)


Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talks with FIGHT!’s Danny Acosta about healthy competition between promoters in mixed martial arts, comparing his company’s relationship with the UFC to the heyday of the WWE and WCW.


  1. Watching Coker talk about MMA is like watching paint dry. He has zero passion when speaking about Mixed Martial Arts. Look at guys like Dana White, Reed Harris, Mark Pavelich you can see, crazy at times but tons of fire about MMA. Strikeforce is great but Coker can’t and won’t take it to the finish line.

  2. Not for me. (in response to Jimmy James’ comment) Coker’s smart, honest and provides great insight when he speaks. He doesn’t have to yell and scream and curse like Dana for no reason or so that people will listen to him. That’s called Samuel Jasckoning. But everyone has different tastes.

    Some people like dry wit, others only appreciate slapstick. Takes all kinds.

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