Pick TUF Finale Winners, Win Prizes

Pick TUF Finale Winners, Win Prizes



Mornin’, ya’ll. We still have a massive stack of stuff to give away, so we upping the ante. Today we are offering our readers the opportunity to win not only a copy of UFC 102 on DVD and a FIGHT! shirt but a copy of the new first-person shooter PC video game CrimeCraft. Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Correctly pick the winners of each TUF 10 Finale main card fight.
2. Post those picks as a comment below.
3. Watch the fights to find out if you won.

The conditions are simple – a winner will be selected at random from those with correct answers. If no one gets all five we’ll pick a contestant at random who picked four fights correctly. If no one gets four…well, you get the gist. All answers posted after the start of the first televised fight will be disregarded. Simple enough, right? The fights you’ll need to pick are below. Good luck!

Roy Nelson vs. Brendan Schaub
Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones
Houston Alexander vs. Kimbo Slice
Frankie Edgar vs. Matt Veach
Marcus Jones vs. Matt Mitrione


  1. 1. Roy Nelson
    2. Matt Hamill
    3. Kimbo Slice
    4. Frankie edgar
    5. Marcus “big baby” jones

  2. 1. Roy Nelson – TKO
    2. Jon Jones – Unanimous Decision
    3. Houston Alexander – TKO
    4. Frankie Edgar – Unanimous Decision
    5. Marcus Jones – Submission other

  3. Schaub

    Thank you Fight, you guys write up a great magazine. I’ve beena fan of MMA for years now, and its awesome to have more perspective on more aspects of the sport. See you at the fights.

  4. 1. Brenden Schaub
    2. Matt Hamill
    3. Houston Alexander
    4. Frankie Edgar
    5. Marcus Jones

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