UFC 163′s Tom Watson: “I’m surronded by morons in my profession”

UFC middleweight Tom “Kong” Watson chimes in on the state of MMA and his upcoming fight at UFC 163 against Thales Leites. The Brash Brit puts his cards on the table, declaring with a wry smile, “I’m the most exciting fighter in MMA” and “I’m surrounded by morons in my profession.” One thing is for sure, the former BAMMA Middleweight Champion has no shortage of confidence. Now, Kong smash!

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Into African Sands


FIGHT! Magazine’s nomadic journalist T.R. Foley follows his passion for wrestling to the center of Africa and into the sand pits of Chad.

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Ramp Up Your Striking With These Three Simple Workouts.

One of the most important factors in your striking game is punching efficiency. Boxing instructor Jason Van Veldhuysen goes over three simple workouts to help you improve muscle memory and punch endurance so the techniques you learn and apply later can be utilized to their fullest extent–no matter how many rounds you go. For a more detailed breakdown, be sure to check out the July issue of FIGHT! Magazine, available at a newsstand or bookstore near you, or download the FIGHT! Magazine app to check out the article for free. Also be sure to check out the rest of Jason’s videos on his Youtube Channel at Precision Striking, for more great boxing tips and techniques.

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Brian Stann: As You Were


In his seven-year career, UFC middleweight Brian Stann made an indelible impression on the MMA community—both in and out of the cage. Here are a few of our favorite Stann moments from the FIGHT! family.

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Touch Gloves: 4 Old-School Boxing Toughies


The allure of Western Boxing may be fading in the shadows of MMA, but the rough-and-tumble boxers of yesteryear are still fun to compare to today’s tough guys. These four practitioners of the Sweet Science were old-school toughies, some appreciated in their day, some dismissed. But based on their intangibles, they could be headlining UFC cards if they were in their primes.

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Ask the Expert…What’s Up With Your Rankings?


Q: I’m interested in how you compute your Ranking system? What is the program analyzing and how does it determine specific rankings within each weight class and pound-for-pound? I’m be eager to learn what analytics you are using to compute. A most interested fan: Sean Lavin

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Miesha Tate Photo Gallery


Before Miesha Tate was showing off her sexy physique in the pages of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, she was the FIGHT! centerfold in June 2009. I guess we were just ahead of our time. Take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy this 17-pic gallery of Miesha…we think you will.

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