UFC 164’s Jared Hamman: California Living, Colorado Fighting


After a year outside the cage due to a number of injuries, including an internal staph infection, bad hamstring, and elbow bursitis, UFC 164 is a chance for Jared Hamman to get back to his winning ways. A loss would mean Hamman’s third in a row and likely his walking papers from the UFC. But a win over Magnus Cedenblad will be a step in the right direction for the fighter who has had to supplement his income in the past year by coaching and teaching young fighters.

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FIGHT! Life Video: John “Doomsday” Howard

After two years fighting outside of the UFC, John “Doomsday” Howard makes his return to the Octagon on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 26 in his hometown of Boston. Check out Doomsday in one of our favorite videos from our FIGHT! Life Series. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

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Kenda Perez: Behind the Shoot


For those of you who want a lil more Kenda in your life (and who doesn’t?), here are a few of our favorite pics from her latest FIGHT! photo shoot by Paul Thatcher. We can’t think of a better way to get your week started. Enjoy!

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Passing Stones With Mitrione


UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione has taken his share of hits in the cage, but the worst KO he’s experienced didn’t come from anyone’s fists. It was from kidney stones—jagged shards of calcium passing through his ureter. Painful? We’ll let Matt put it into his own words.

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