Gold Strike – 10 Hidden Patterns

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1. Size Matters Heavyweights are more than twice as likely as the smaller divisions to score a knockdown per landed head strike. Bucking the trend is John Dodson, who literally punches above his weight by having a higher knockdown rate (6.25%) than the heavyweight average (6.11%). 2. Speed Saves Larger fighters have better striking accuracy [...]

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Science of the Slam: Out With a Bang, Not a Whimper

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Not all takedowns are created equal. Some are dragged-out wars of attrition that end with a whimper, while others are explosive feats of athleticism that end with a bang. “Slams” on takedowns are a recorded metric in MMA, categorized by what types of takedown it accompanied. Slams have their own subtle patterns that can cause [...]

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The Incredible Shrinking Fighter

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Fighters are shrinking their waistlines thanks to the perpetual arms race that motivates them to become champions. In 2005, Kenny Florian made his Octagon debut at the finale of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter. Weighing in at 183 pounds and competing at middleweight, Florian went on to suffer his first (and only) TKO-loss [...]

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