Ask the Expert…What’s Up With Your Rankings?


Q: I’m interested in how you compute your Ranking system? What is the program analyzing and how does it determine specific rankings within each weight class and pound-for-pound? I’m be eager to learn what analytics you are using to compute. A most interested fan: Sean Lavin

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Ask the Health Expert: Baaaaaa, Got Milk?


From MMA techniques and training regimens to nutritional info and wellness tips , we’ve got an expert to answer all of your questions.

Q: My stomach can’t handle cow’s milk yogurt, but it can handle goat’s milk…I just don’t love the taste. Any suggestions?

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FIGHT!’s Annual POWER 20

2013 Power 20

Who made FIGHT!’s annual list as the Top 20 Power Players in the MMA world…and who missed the cut? We only had room for 20, and the new July issue has all the answers. Check it out on our NEW app, available for download now.

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