Oatmeal With Brian Stann


Brian Stann was a picture of inward dedication. It immediately stood out. There was a quiet dignity to him that showed over a stovetop on a cold morning in January 2008. It wasn’t that he was just an All-American (because he wasn’t in the lesser way we’ve defined it), it was that he was a true All-American when nobody was looking.

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Ask the Health Expert


Q: Besides yogurt, what’s a good source of probiotics?

A: Probiotics are live bacterial cultures that help maintain an optimal balance of flora in the GI tract, improve digestive health, and keep your immune system in tiptop shape. Probiotic supplements can provide you with these vitally important organisms, but there are other natural sources besides yogurt.

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Eve of Destruction: The night before Chris Weidman beat Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Title, Ray Longo saw things unfolding before his eyes.

Chris Weidman stalks Anderson Silva

Heavyweight great Floyd Patterson wouldn’t have sex during his training camps before fights, because he believed it weakened the knees. This is a proud fight game deprivation that has been passed down through the centuries. It’s more scientific than a rabbit’s foot, but “Jersey” Joe Walcott carried around a miniature horseshoe just in case. Fighters [...]

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Into African Sands


FIGHT! Magazine’s nomadic journalist T.R. Foley follows his passion for wrestling to the center of Africa and into the sand pits of Chad.

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Brian Stann: As You Were


In his seven-year career, UFC middleweight Brian Stann made an indelible impression on the MMA community—both in and out of the cage. Here are a few of our favorite Stann moments from the FIGHT! family.

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Touch Gloves: 4 Old-School Boxing Toughies


The allure of Western Boxing may be fading in the shadows of MMA, but the rough-and-tumble boxers of yesteryear are still fun to compare to today’s tough guys. These four practitioners of the Sweet Science were old-school toughies, some appreciated in their day, some dismissed. But based on their intangibles, they could be headlining UFC cards if they were in their primes.

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