September 2013

Editor’s Letter

Let’s be honest, Tito vs. Rampage doesn’t factor to be the most relevant fight in recent memory—both of them are past their primes. But while some may question Bellator’s decision to feature two ex-UFC stars in the main event of their inaugural pay-per-view outing, I can understand why they would do it. There’s no question [...]

Pat Curran – Kill Switch

Bellator Featherweight Champion Pat Curran knows when to turn on the crazy. Pat Curran climbs down from the front seat of his Ford F-150 wearing a blue tee shirt that reads “EAT SLEEP TRAIN REPEAT!” The Bellator Featherweight Champion has just finished a 90-minute grappling session at Team Curran MMA in Crystal Lake, IL, and [...]

Did You Know – Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA

A Cut Above UFC president Dana White ranked #83 in GQ’s “100 Most Powerful Bald Men in the World.” Other prominent chrome domes included Hulk Hogan (#92), Jason Statham (#57), and Michael Jordan (#1). Bellator president Bjorn Rebney didn’t make the cut. What the Funk? In his successful Bellator Welterweight Title defense against Andrey Koreshkov, [...]

They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Punchy Pres “Brian Stann is an outstanding human being. And I mean this literally, he could go on to be the President of the United States.” —Chael Sonnen to the Mark Levin Radio Show. Oh It Looks Like Daniel “I hate answering questions about him [Daniel Cormier]. He’s just not relevant to me. There’s so [...]

Health Radar – We’re Not Doctors, We Just Play One on T.V.

TRAP DOOR Building strong neck muscles can help reduce your chance of suffering a jarring headshot that can cause a concussion. To strengthen your trapezius muscles à la Glover Teixeira, incorporate dumbbell shrugs into your fitness regimen. How To Do Them: 1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart while holding two dumbbells at your side. [...]

5 Minutes With Costa Philippou

You are on one of the hottest streaks in the middleweight division. How is your confidence level these days after winning five in a row in the UFC. Pretty good actually. I recently changed gyms and switched everything around. Things are going really good. You recently had an interesting Twitter post regarding a potential matchup [...]

New Gear – You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Happiness

1. Venum Team Japan Jacket Venum’s “Team Japan” jacket proudly showcases the red and ice-white colors of Japan. You can move like a ninja in this 100% polyester jacket with side pockets and a zippered front. Its brilliant texture offers a trendy and sporty style that will never go out of fashion—okay, it may go [...]

Chrissy Blaire – High Plains Drifter

Former Miss TransWorld Motocross Chrissy Blair parlayed her guest appearance as a UFC 133 ring girl into a permanent job alongside Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer, and Vanessa Hanson. Now, the blonde bombshell heats things up every time she circles the Octagon. Where are you calling home these days? That’s a good question. I’m homeless. I’m [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Men at Work – 8 Fighters from Down Under

MMA in Australia and New Zealand hasn’t quite reached the same heights as its counterparts in the U.S. and Brazil, but it’s getting there. Since 2010, the UFC has traveled to Australia to promote four events, with a return scheduled in December. Couple that return with the UFC’s announced September filming of The Ultimate Fighter: [...]

Pat Healy – Up in Smoke

Despite losing a small fortune in bonus money for a failed drug test at UFC 159, lightweight Pat Healy manned-up and moved forward. Following the biggest victory of his career in April, UFC lightweight Pat Healy was suddenly transformed into a teenager who had worked hard all summer and couldn’t wait for his first, fat [...]

Mark Munoz – The King of Kong

UFC middleweight Mark Munoz was tricked into MMA by a “Kid”…was heel-hooked by a “Gangster” while wrestling in college…and found himself slamming “The Natural” in the most unnatural way. In late July, just a couple of weeks after he came back from a year-long dark period to beat Tim Boetsch at UFC 162, Mark Munoz [...]

MMA 101 – The Crossover with Eddie Alvarez

With the help of Blackzilian teammate Michael Johnson, Eddie Alvarez demonstrates one of his favorite combos in the cage—the crossover. The crossover is only used on opponents who stand and counter with you. If you engage, and your opponent moves away, the crossover can’t be used. However, if you engage, and your opponent stands his [...]

Fitness – Strong to the Core

Strengthen your core for KO power. Strength and conditioning coach Brian Harris keeps his stable of fighters at American Top Team—including Brad Pickett, Mike Brown, and Will Brooks—in peak fighting shape by incorporating exercises that build muscular endurance in the core. For this installment, Brian explains three exercises he used to get Bellator lightweight Will [...]

Eat to Compete

Stay fueled and hydrated for maximum performance and recovery with a “meal plan of attack.” This meal plan is designed for two-a-day workouts (6 a.m. and 6 p.m.). Each meal/snack is well-balanced to boost energy, performance, and recovery, with approximately 40–55 percent of the calories from carbohydrates (C), 15–30 percent calories from protein (P), and [...]

Protein Power

Bars and shakes are great in a pinch, but there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to natural sources of quality protein. Protein aids in the building, repair, and maintenance of lean muscle tissue. Along with carbohydrates and fat, protein is one of the three principal macronutrients. These nutrients provide calories (energy), and are [...]

Snake Oil In the Cage – And Other MMA Gimmicks

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A small rubber bracelet with a hologram sticker can enhance your performance in the gym, in life, and in competition. It boosts power and agility, making it a critical training asset for every athlete. Or so say the marketers of Power Balance Performance Technology®, [...]

Turn and Fight – Army Combatives in MMA

Army Combatives turns soldiers into fighters on the battlefield and in the cage. When Tim Kennedy found out he’d be making his Octagon debut against jiu-jitsu ace Roger Gracie, he asked himself who was best suited to help him get ready. Without question, his longtime coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn would train and corner [...]

Kris Letang – NHL Fit

Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang trains with MMA’s best so he can beat the NHL’s best. Prior to Rory MacDonald’s December 2012 matchup with B.J. Penn, the UFC trekked to Montreal to film MacDonald’s preparation in a “Road to the Octagon” episode. The camera crew documented MacDonald’s time at the Adrenaline Performance Center, where the [...]

Music for the MMA Soul

Metal band DeathThrob spreads MMA awareness one note and lyric at a time. DeathThrob isn’t a group of individuals moonlighting as professional mixed martial artists, but the four musicians do practice in various fighting disciplines and have decided to dedicate their band’s livelihood to the advancement of the sport. The New Jersey metal quartet is [...]

Girl Next Door

Victoria Lace Raffield Age: 25 Height: 5’9” Hometown: New Orleans, LA Facebook: /victoria.lace Twitter: @Victoria_Lace Instagram: Victoria_Lace What’s your best feature? My eyes. They change colors from bright green to hazel. How do you stay in shape? I actually just started kickboxing classes, and I’m loving it. It’s very intense. Who’s your favorite fighter? Georges St-Pierre. [...]

Last Call – Money Talks…

And we love to listen. What’s worse than a wealthy business owner talking about money? Athletes talking about money. It’s never enough with these guys. Did you see how much money he’s getting? To play BASEBALL!! Spoiled athletes! I bet they never put in a hard day’s work their entire lives. Ah, yes. We’ve all [...]

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