September 2009 Quick Hits

Jiu-Jitsu Class

A beginner’s class in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu shouldn’t be intimidating. On the first day, the instructor and other students welcome newcomers with a brief explanation of BJJ, including the relevance of the uniform (gi or no-gi), belts and necessary protective gear. Following warm up exercises, students are introduced to the mat with light rolling and an [...]

London Calling

There’s more than just Mike Bisping and tea and crumpets found in the UK. Louise Brunning, FIGHT! Magazine’s ring card beauty from across the pond, is proof of that. As if her stunning looks weren’t enough, she’s got the accent to go along with it. Like typing in the 30 man code in Contra, it’s [...]

Mams Taylor: Dropping Hits and the Occasional Hollywood Punk

Mams Taylor is on a collision course with fame and glory. This fall the 28-year-old Los Angeles, Cali-based rapper, by way of London, England, will release Persona Non Grata, his vibrant debut album where he mixes elements of hip-hop with punk for a delectable punch he’s coined “Runk.” The fusion lends extra flavor to the [...]

Ask Thiago

We figured we’d step away from our editorial duties for a bit to let you guys ask some of the biggest stars in MMA the questions you want answered. Inquiring minds submitted questions for Thiago Alves at the Champion Nutrition booth at the UFC 100 Fan Expo. After sifting through the pile, we found a [...]

Hiroyuki Takaya Fulfilling a Dream?

Hiroyuki Takaya didn’t earn a nickname like “Streetfight Bancho” for nothing. “Bancho” is a rather cryptic reference to a Japanese ghost tale, where a Samurai is haunted by the unrequited lover he murdered. But what it all means for Takaya is that his hard-nosed style has the lethal edge of a street fight that can [...]

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