September 2009 Names in the Game

Evan Dunham

Fighting out of Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Evan Dunham has had a quick rise in the ranks of the UFC Lightweight division, all of this coming in a span of only a couple of weeks. Dunham had an impressive undefeated record before making his UFC debut on short notice as a last-minute injury replacement. [...]

Mayhem In Las Vegas

Glittering light twinkles from the left side of the cabin, piercing past the seats in the emergency row, past the No Smoking and Fasten Seat Belt signs, and directly into my ocular cortex, yanking me from a sleepy little valley town called Burbank, where I was in my dream. I now realize that… *BING*… “We [...]

Shinji Sasaki

Possibly one of the most gifted ground fighters in all of Japan, Shinji Sasaki has slowly become one of the top Lightweights in Shooto in a day and age when most of its top f ghters jump ship to bigger organizations for more fame and glory. Sasaki was first noticed back in 2006 when he [...]

Lyle Beerbohm

Undefeated at 12-0, Lyle Beerbohm has quietly gained a large following in his native Northwest after going through a rough patch in his life. Known as “Fancy Pants” because of the colorful shorts that he wears during fights, Beerbohm is now picking off Lightweights in Strikeforce as he works his way up to a title [...]

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