September 2008 Quick Hits

5 Minutes with Sam Stout

Let’s get right to it. You’re Canadian. How many beers does it take for you to get nice and tanked? (laughing) I usually lose count. But I guess about 20 Canadian beers. About 24 of the American stuff. Did you have any role models growing up? You know, Sean Tompkins was a big role model [...]

Michelle Waterson

If someone told you she was involved in MMA, you’d probably assume she was a ring girl. You’d be wrong of course. Michelle Waterson’s knockout looks may have earned her the nickname “Karate Hottie”, but she’s a bonafi de pro MMA fi ghter. This month, Michelle talks to us about fi ghting, training at Greg [...]

Read A Book!

James Brown may have been known as the hardest working man in show business, but there’s little doubt these days that Randy Couture is one of the hardest working men in MMA. Despite his announced retirement from the UFC last fall, he’s been busy running a successful gym and training center, cornering Xtreme Couture fi [...]

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