September 2008 MMA Life

Liddell Vs. Evans Heats Up

For the fi rst time in the organization’s history, the UFC is heading to Atlanta. The September 6 event will feature a main event between UFC light heavyweight contenders Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans. A collection of injuries resulted in this fi ght being scheduled for UFC 88. Evans was originally slated to fi ght [...]

Garage Days Revisited

It’s an easy story. Redneck parents strap up their kids for MMA brawls in a rural Missouri garage, under the tutelage of some redneck Tyler Durden. Talk TV’s hyperbolic hosts couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s sensational, titillating, and timely. The only problem is that it’s not entirely true; at least not the way television [...]


Most MMA fans are aware of Royce Gracie’s dominance in the early UFCs. Fighters like Gracie, plus others such as Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock put MMA on the proverbial map. But do the names Emanuel Yarborough, Scott Morris, or Joe Son ring a bell? Probably not. However, these men are a few of the [...]

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