September 2008

Old Wounds

The View From Ipanema “This is close to where Rickson Gracie had the famous fi ght with Hugo Duarte,” Master Ricardo Murgel tells me as we jog along Ipanema beach after a morning workout. Murgel is that rarest of creatures, a Brazilian with a correct sense of punctuality. He meets me every morning at 8:00 [...]

Through the Storm

The house sits at the end of a poorly kept dirt road in a neighborhood with no visible street signs. The gate is locked and I can hear several dogs barking behind it. It’s growing dark and I start to wonder if I am even in the right place. As the dusk turns to outright [...]

Liddell Vs. Evans Heats Up

For the fi rst time in the organization’s history, the UFC is heading to Atlanta. The September 6 event will feature a main event between UFC light heavyweight contenders Chuck Liddell and Rashad Evans. A collection of injuries resulted in this fi ght being scheduled for UFC 88. Evans was originally slated to fi ght [...]

Garage Days Revisited

It’s an easy story. Redneck parents strap up their kids for MMA brawls in a rural Missouri garage, under the tutelage of some redneck Tyler Durden. Talk TV’s hyperbolic hosts couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s sensational, titillating, and timely. The only problem is that it’s not entirely true; at least not the way television [...]


Most MMA fans are aware of Royce Gracie’s dominance in the early UFCs. Fighters like Gracie, plus others such as Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock put MMA on the proverbial map. But do the names Emanuel Yarborough, Scott Morris, or Joe Son ring a bell? Probably not. However, these men are a few of the [...]

Sheridan’s Two Cents

Take a little trip in history with me, back to PRIDE 2004, Fedor Emelianenko versus Kevin Randleman. Early in the fi ght, Randleman slipped behind Fedor and performed the most vicious, perfect, belly-toback suplex in history. Up they went in the air, turning, Fedor helpless in Randleman’s grasp. They were completely detached from the ground, [...]

5 Minutes with Sam Stout

Let’s get right to it. You’re Canadian. How many beers does it take for you to get nice and tanked? (laughing) I usually lose count. But I guess about 20 Canadian beers. About 24 of the American stuff. Did you have any role models growing up? You know, Sean Tompkins was a big role model [...]

Michelle Waterson

If someone told you she was involved in MMA, you’d probably assume she was a ring girl. You’d be wrong of course. Michelle Waterson’s knockout looks may have earned her the nickname “Karate Hottie”, but she’s a bonafi de pro MMA fi ghter. This month, Michelle talks to us about fi ghting, training at Greg [...]

Read A Book!

James Brown may have been known as the hardest working man in show business, but there’s little doubt these days that Randy Couture is one of the hardest working men in MMA. Despite his announced retirement from the UFC last fall, he’s been busy running a successful gym and training center, cornering Xtreme Couture fi [...]

The Real Chuck Liddell

I returned from an eight-day NFL Pro Bowl trip, checked out my house, which I believed had been vacant following a raucous Super Bowl stint, and suddenly felt I was Kato Kaelin-ized. I opened the door to the master guest room in my house and there, laid out on the fl oor, were the belongings [...]

Grace In Defeat

And The Winner Is… Not me. Let me out of this ring, let me out of this locker room, let me out of this arena. Unfortunately we all know this feeling, and even though you gave it your all, some nights, that’s just not good enough. As a true competitor, even though you hate losing, [...]

New Blood

Nathan Coy Nathan Coy is with good company. The All-American wrestler from Oregon State University turned pro last year and is a member of Team Quest, home to many fi ghters including Matt Lindland, former Pride champion Dan Henderson, and IFL champions Ryan Schultz and Matt Horwich. “I kind of came into this sport not [...]

Cool Under Fire

Amir Sadollah isn’t phased when people slip into an unconscious state or become dangerously close to getting their arms ripped out of the socket. It’s part of his job to maintain composure. Also, it was the 27-year-old who knocked out rivals and submitted the toughest competition Zuffa was able to round up for The Ultimate [...]


Acai has been the “cool” thing to eat for about eight years in the US and about fi fteen years in mainstream Brazil. Needless to say, Brazilians from Northern Brazil have been enjoying the taste and benefi ts from the fruit of this sixty feet palm tree for centuries. Since the fi rst generation of [...]

Is Your Local MMA Gym Legit or a Joke?

Back in the day, if you wanted to train MMA, often the only real option for an aspiring fi ghter was to drive 1-2 hours away and train in a neighborhood in which you needed a bulletproof vest. To say things have changed would be an understatement. These days, MMA gyms are popping up everywhere [...]

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