Oct/Nov 2007 They Said That

They Said That?

NOT KING OF THIS JUNGLE “A Boxer is a lion. The best predator on land, but throw them in the shark tank where they can’t swim and they become just another meal.” – Renzo Gracie on boxers and MMA   POP QUIZ “As a fan and representative of MMA, it’s disappointing because we are trying [...]

Bringing MMA to the Internet

Normally, a reporter getting his ass kicked by a highly trained fighter would lead to assault charges, but when Forrest Griffin planted a front leg kick on Eric Newby from Raw- Vegas.tv in May, the result ended up being a video bonanza for MMA fans. For those who live under a rock or are still [...]

Aural Hematomas

We’ve all seen it – the misshapen lump that makes you wonder why on earth anyone would pack his ear with silly putty. That putty, however, is actually a condition known as cauliflower ear and it is common among mixed martial artists, amateur wrestlers, and to a lesser degree, boxers. “It can often come from, [...]

5 Minutes with Dana White

Is Fedor overrated? We don’t know. We don’t know until he fights the best in the world. I think to be considered the best, you have to come in and clean out a division. You have to be where Matt Hughes was. Matt Hughes had wiped out the entire division, and the only guy left [...]

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