Oct/Nov 2007 Names in the Game

MMA In the Military

When the editors at FIGHT! asked me to write an article on the history of mixed martial arts in the military, my first thought was about how it is being rewritten as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan rage on. Sure, there is a story to tell about the evolution of training programs, doctrine, and [...]

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Webster is a total freakin’ idiot, and I say that with complete and utter certainty. In his  world-famous reference manual, which can be found in every library on the planet, that sonofabitch actually had the gall to define training as, among other things, “the action or method of preparing someone for an athletic contest; the [...]

The Determining Factor

Determination is the root of victory, and for mixed martial artists it is as essential as air. It gets a fighter through the rough times, and keeps him focused on his goal in the good times. Determination leads to mental and physical toughness, skills, and knowledge. It gives one the ability to execute the correct [...]

MMA Wagering 202

In my last article, I introduced you to some of the basics of MMA wagering, including how to read a betting line and how to convert that line into a percentage. This article builds on that foundation, so if you missed it, check out the first issue of FIGHT! or the MMA Wagering Guide on [...]

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