October 2013 Fighting Fit

MMA 101 – Armed and Dangerous

There are a lot of benefits to being in side control. You can knee the body, drop elbows to the face, work toward full mount, and hunt submissions. This month, Robert Drysdale—2007 ADCC World Champion and undefeated professional mixed martial artists (6-0, with 6 submissions)—shows readers a slick armlock from side control. 1) I begin [...]

Fitness – The Shoulder Load

Protect your shoulders to stay in the fight. Shoulder pain, whether it’s chronic or acute, is one of the most common injuries for mixed martial artists. During combat sports, the occurrence of shoulder injuries is increased due to impact forces, repetitive use, and the range of motion required for performing certain moves. The shoulder is [...]

Supplement Scuttle

Keep your body performing and recovering at the highest level with these nutrition essentials. Proper nutrition and supplement intake is key to optimizing performance and recovery. The quicker you can recover, the higher productivity you will experience in each workout. Consider these nutrition essentials to get the biggest return on your investment in the gym. [...]

Sugar in the Tank

If you’re hitting the gym hard, make sure you strike the sugar balance. 1. Monosaccharides Also known as simple sugars, monosaccharides include glucose, fructose, and galactose. All carbohydrates consumed in the diet are broken down into monosaccharides to be absorbed by the small intestine. Glucose Most carbohydrates are converted to glucose during digestion. Travels via [...]

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