October 2013

Editor’s Letter

It was over a decade ago that Robbie Lawler first made his Octagon debut. At the time, the young fighter was already a ferocious knockout artist, a label he would carry with him throughout his early UFC career, and later in the IFL, Elite XC, Strikeforce and elsewhere. But in the eyes of many critics, [...]

Robbie Lawler – The Thinking Brawler

UFC welterweight Robbie Lawler is ruthless in the scariest of ways. You know who Robbie Lawler is. He’s a heavy-handed brawler. Lawler fought in the UFC in the pre-TUF era when he was 20 years old. He’s explosive. He had the great fight with Aaron Riley, lost to Nick Diaz, went to Icon Sport, Pride, [...]

Did You Know – Cool Knowledge From the World of MMA

Money Talk$ Since losing to Jose Aldo in 2012, Chad Mendes has rattled off four consecutive (T)KO-victories over Cody McKenzie, Yaotzin Meza, Darren Elkins, and Clay Guida. Mendes’ win over Guida was the first time “The Carpenter” has been stopped via strikes. Hot Haul UFC Octagon girl Arianny Celeste has signed on to join the [...]

They Said That – Verbal Jambalaya

Pillow Fight “The fact of the matter is, he [Michael Bisping] has pillows for fists. He hasn’t knocked anybody out, and he says he’s gonna knock me out? He hasn’t knocked anybody out. It’s going to be like a pillow fight when I fight him. He’s going to have pillows, and I’m going to have [...]

Health Radar – We’re Not Doctors, We Just Play One on TV

One Punch Max Out The Power Max 360 is a resistance-based machine with hydraulic handles that can swing in every direction. UFC bantamweight Brad Pickett uses it to simulate punching, pushing, pulling, and clinching. Pumping Pumpkin Don’t give in to the temptations of high-sugar pumpkin lattes, muffins, and sweet breads that show up in grocery [...]

5 Minutes With Eddie Alvarez

You’ve been through some madness this past year, but now you’re back in action. How is life for Eddie Alvarez? My life very much consists of family and training. Being here in Florida makes everything organized and simple. Honestly man, I miss Philadelphia. I miss my friends, family, and the people in Philadelphia, but I [...]

New Gear – Warm Up in Style

1. HAYABUSA Champion Hoodie Fall means brown leaves, cooler temperatures, and lots of football. Whether you’re on your way to the stadium to cheer on your team or on your way to the gym to do work, cover up with the Champion Hoodie from Hayabusa and you are sure to look and feel victorious. $79.99 [...]

Beach Bunny – Amanda Corey

Makeup & Hair by Lesley Thorton/ Wardrobe By Lydia Walters of TheStylist LA If good things come in small packages, consider Xyience spokesmodel Amanda Corey the best package in the world. When the former Playboy Playmate isn’t hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, she’s raking in the chips at the blackjack table. [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. MMAWeekly.com takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Anderson Silva – Perception vs Reality

Don’t be fooled—Anderson Silva is still the best fighter there ever was, and on December 28, he may remind us that he still is. “It’s normal.” Anderson Silva is the most extraordinary fighter in mixed martial arts history, yet in his second language of English, the recently fallen pound-for-pound king from Brazil’s favorite phrase is: [...]

Mike Pierce – Welcome to the Grind

UFC welterweight Mike Pierce is happy to take out the trash—bring him any 170-pounder. But one day soon, he’s coming for the UFC title. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in notoriously rainy Portland, Oregon, when Phil Claud, a former U.S. cycling coach turned MMA trainer, attempts to answer the question of whether his most prized [...]

MMA 101 – Armed and Dangerous

There are a lot of benefits to being in side control. You can knee the body, drop elbows to the face, work toward full mount, and hunt submissions. This month, Robert Drysdale—2007 ADCC World Champion and undefeated professional mixed martial artists (6-0, with 6 submissions)—shows readers a slick armlock from side control. 1) I begin [...]

Fitness – The Shoulder Load

Protect your shoulders to stay in the fight. Shoulder pain, whether it’s chronic or acute, is one of the most common injuries for mixed martial artists. During combat sports, the occurrence of shoulder injuries is increased due to impact forces, repetitive use, and the range of motion required for performing certain moves. The shoulder is [...]

Supplement Scuttle

Keep your body performing and recovering at the highest level with these nutrition essentials. Proper nutrition and supplement intake is key to optimizing performance and recovery. The quicker you can recover, the higher productivity you will experience in each workout. Consider these nutrition essentials to get the biggest return on your investment in the gym. [...]

Sugar in the Tank

If you’re hitting the gym hard, make sure you strike the sugar balance. 1. Monosaccharides Also known as simple sugars, monosaccharides include glucose, fructose, and galactose. All carbohydrates consumed in the diet are broken down into monosaccharides to be absorbed by the small intestine. Glucose Most carbohydrates are converted to glucose during digestion. Travels via [...]

Gold Strike – 10 Hidden Patterns

1. Size Matters Heavyweights are more than twice as likely as the smaller divisions to score a knockdown per landed head strike. Bucking the trend is John Dodson, who literally punches above his weight by having a higher knockdown rate (6.25%) than the heavyweight average (6.11%). 2. Speed Saves Larger fighters have better striking accuracy [...]

Return to Fat City

Four decades after the classic novel, Stockton continues to instill hope and pride in the ring. Just where is the legendary fighting town known as Fat City? Stockton, California, is only a 90-minute drive from San Francisco, but is, in many senses, worlds away. It isn’t defined by technology or tourism as much as it [...]

Kassim Osgood – Staying Sharp

San Francisco 49ers Kassim Osgood uses capoeira to help find his edge on the field. San Francisco 49ers special team standout Kassim Osgood has one of the most physically grueling jobs in football. The three-time Pro Bowler is a “gunner,” who charges down the field on kickoffs and punts and tries to wreak havoc on [...]

Imagine Dragons Frontman Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has the MMA vibe. Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds is a longtime mixed martial arts fan who always wanted to meet his MMA hero. Earlier this summer, he got his chance, but it wasn’t the impression he wanted to leave. “I was at a gas station,” says the 26-year-old [...]

Girl Next Door

Belinda Strange Age: 26 Height: 5’7” Hometown: Wichita Fall, TX Online: @Belinda_Strange Facebook.com/Belinda.strange.9 belindastrange.com What is your favorite thing about MMA? The rush you get while watching a fight. These fighters train so hard and as soon as they are in the cage it’s all put to the test. It’s amazing the strength they have. [...]

Pay-Per-Views and Paper Feuds

Bellator’s maiden voyage into the world of PPV is intriguing, if also a little doomed. There’s a great divide between the acronyms of MMA and PPV. It’s what sets the game’s greatest acronym—the UFC—apart from lesser organizations. The UFC is a pay-per-view driven business that has expanded into such things as broadcast television in its [...]

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