October 2012 MMA Life

Monsters of MMA: Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

Frankenstein’s Monster Alistair Overeem Built like a brick shithouse, patiently stalks his victims only to unleash a violent rage. Doesn’t hurt that he’s (allegedly) fueled by modern science either. Evil Genius Frank Mir Initially, it appeared Frank Mir was either rolling the dice or stepping up like a boss by leaving the UFC to fight [...]

Ultimate Disappointments

“That’s the unfortunate thing about hype—when there’s a lot of hype behind you and you don’t live up to it, it goes away really quick.” —Dana White, UFC 149 press conference It’s probably our fault—overzealous media members—who, in our endless quest for an intriguing story, over-hype an athlete who has yet to prove anything at [...]

The Rhythm of the Fight

For Incubus bassist Ben Kenney, music is his first love, but mixed martial arts has grown to be an obession. When Ben Kenney isn’t behind his bass guitar, touring the globe with his multi-platinum selling band Incubus, he is knee-deep in the fight world. Simply put, Kenney loves mixed martial arts. He’s captivated by every [...]

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