October 2012 Fighting Fit

The Forgotten Circuit

Neglecting your non-glamour muscles is a recipe for injury. Stronger muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back can help decrease your chance of injury, but these muscles are often overlooked in favor of bigger biceps and pecs. Even though athletes recognize that possessing a strong neck, shoulders, and back are critical to better posture and [...]

MMA 101: Spin Class

Former BAMMA Middleweight Champion and recent UFC signee Tom Watson (15-4) knows a thing or two about striking. The brash Brit—known for his entertaining entrances to the cage—has seven career wins via (T)KO. In this installment of MMA 101, Tom and striking coach Mike Valle take a break from training at Warrior’s Legion MMA (Brian [...]

Flavor Boost Your Immunity

Some of your best defensive moves may be in your kitchen in the form of immune-supportive foods. The cooler temperatures of autumn signal the beginning of the dreaded cold and fl u season. Missed workouts, lengthy doctor’s appointments, constant trips to the pharmacy, and chronic coughs can take a toll on your training. However, you [...]

The Odds are Good, but the Goods are Odd

Sports fans are constantly bombarded with data and information, even in a simple and straightforward sport like MMA. As any sport grows, the metrics that measure it and the statistics that report it evolve. However, there’s one set of numbers that are omnipresent from the start of almost any sport: the betting odds. In MMA, [...]

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