October 2012

Editor’s Letter

Led by Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson, the 16th season of The Ultimate Fighter is underway, and the UFC’s heavyweight division is squarely back in focus. Although reigning champion Junior dos Santos has proven himself to be the most dominant force in the division in recent memory, he is undoubtedly standing his ground amid a [...]

The Unforgiven

Undefeated Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion Daniel Cormier has proven to be a quick study in the cage, but can he wrestle free from his past while fighting for his future? Daniel Cormier’s frustration is booming across the racquetball court that’s been converted into a boxing facility at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, CA. [...]

The Way of the Hand and Foot

Hiding in the point-fighting style of Taekwondo are some serious skills that talented mixed martial artists aren’t afraid to use. Brian Davidson says there are legions of Taekwondo fighters ready and able to chop the competition in MMA. “I believe in the Korean style,” says the bantamweight, who’s also a sixth-degree Taekwondo black belt. “It’s [...]

Did You Know?

BAUTISTA BOMB Former WWE Champion Dave Bautista will make his MMA debut with CES MMA on October 6 in Providence, Rhode Island. YOUNG TERRA’ When Matt Serra was 17 years old, he enrolled for delayed entry into the U.S. Marines Corps, however, Serra was denied entry after getting into a fight at the pizzeria where [...]

They Said That

KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS “I’m right there with the top guys. It’s not like, you know, Rick Franklin, where he’s going in and getting annihilated by the top guy, getting his nose broken and knocked out.” —Urijah Faber to sherdog.com. HAIR TREATMENT “I was fighting Clay Guida, and his hair was just all in [...]

Health Radar

WAVE OF THE FUTURE Increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance by adding a heavyrope workout to your exercise regimen. There are many different rope exercises, so keep it simple when you’re starting out. Alternating Wave—move your arms up and down at opposite times to create alternating waves. Single Wave—move your arms up and down at [...]

5 Minutes with Ronda Rousey

What are the few days after a Strikeforce fight like? I usually just kind of bury myself in a hole. I don’t like to do any press for a whole week. I just want to sit on the couch, play Donkey Kong, eat ice cream, and not talk to anybody except for my really, really [...]

New Gear

Torque Thermal Stay warm this autumn with Torque’s 100% cotton thermal. The lightweight construction, chain stitching, and tagless design will keep you styling in comfort. $33.99 torque1.com Gaspari Detonate Put your faith in this fat burner and it will have you Detonating your excess pounds and helping you increase lean mass. Detonate is the real [...]

Behind the Fight

At every UFC weigh-in, Joe Rogan lovingly calls Burt Watson “the babysitter to the stars.” As the UFC’s site coordinator, he is responsible for ensuring fi ght week goes smoothly from the time the fighters arrive to the time they leave. For over a decade, the 63-year-old Watson has seen it all, but as long [...]

Sweet Treat

Sierra Rene knows how to make Cleveland rock. The 22-year-old is gearing up for Halloween, but it’s all treats and no tricks with this black-haired beauty. Did you have fun on your photo shoot? It was great, but I didn’t get to go to the gym for a week beforehand, because I had all four [...]

New Blood

Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. It garners more attention and new fans daily. The emergence of so many new athletes sometimes makes it hard for fans to notice some of the fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. MAWeekly.com takes you deep inside the sport [...]

Match Game

Nearly every MMA fighter, fan, and pundit has played the role of matchmaker. Before, after, and during every fight, message boards and social media outlets light up with opinions on who should fight who next. While it’s fun to play the role, very few—if any—of these keyboard warriors have an idea of just how difficult [...]

Mr. Wonderful Day

They say you can’t truly know a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes. Despite the fact that I could never fit into a pair of Phil Davis’ loafers, I slipped on the NCAA Wrestling Champion’s metaphorical sneakers for one full day as he prepared for his upcoming fight against Wager Prado at [...]

From Hard Times to Good Times

While UFC featherweight Eddie Yagin recently earned a Fight of the Night bonus check for $65,000 at UFC 145, the 33-year-old Hawaiian has seen his share of hard times. The first time Eddie Yagin applied a submission, it wasn’t in hopes of a win bonus—it was in an effort to survive. “This guy was picking [...]

The Forgotten Circuit

Neglecting your non-glamour muscles is a recipe for injury. Stronger muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back can help decrease your chance of injury, but these muscles are often overlooked in favor of bigger biceps and pecs. Even though athletes recognize that possessing a strong neck, shoulders, and back are critical to better posture and [...]

MMA 101: Spin Class

Former BAMMA Middleweight Champion and recent UFC signee Tom Watson (15-4) knows a thing or two about striking. The brash Brit—known for his entertaining entrances to the cage—has seven career wins via (T)KO. In this installment of MMA 101, Tom and striking coach Mike Valle take a break from training at Warrior’s Legion MMA (Brian [...]

Flavor Boost Your Immunity

Some of your best defensive moves may be in your kitchen in the form of immune-supportive foods. The cooler temperatures of autumn signal the beginning of the dreaded cold and fl u season. Missed workouts, lengthy doctor’s appointments, constant trips to the pharmacy, and chronic coughs can take a toll on your training. However, you [...]

The Odds are Good, but the Goods are Odd

Sports fans are constantly bombarded with data and information, even in a simple and straightforward sport like MMA. As any sport grows, the metrics that measure it and the statistics that report it evolve. However, there’s one set of numbers that are omnipresent from the start of almost any sport: the betting odds. In MMA, [...]

Monsters of MMA: Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid

Frankenstein’s Monster Alistair Overeem Built like a brick shithouse, patiently stalks his victims only to unleash a violent rage. Doesn’t hurt that he’s (allegedly) fueled by modern science either. Evil Genius Frank Mir Initially, it appeared Frank Mir was either rolling the dice or stepping up like a boss by leaving the UFC to fight [...]

Ultimate Disappointments

“That’s the unfortunate thing about hype—when there’s a lot of hype behind you and you don’t live up to it, it goes away really quick.” —Dana White, UFC 149 press conference It’s probably our fault—overzealous media members—who, in our endless quest for an intriguing story, over-hype an athlete who has yet to prove anything at [...]

The Rhythm of the Fight

For Incubus bassist Ben Kenney, music is his first love, but mixed martial arts has grown to be an obession. When Ben Kenney isn’t behind his bass guitar, touring the globe with his multi-platinum selling band Incubus, he is knee-deep in the fight world. Simply put, Kenney loves mixed martial arts. He’s captivated by every [...]

FIGHT! Girl Search

Maureen Chen Age: 28 Height: 5’5” Hometown: Cerritos, CA Where are you from? I was raised in Taiwan, but I moved to the U.S. in 2008. What’s your favorite thing about the States? I love hamburgers…Five Guys and In-N-Out. What kind of modeling work have you done? Commerical films, spokesmodel, trade shows, magazines…a little bit [...]

Rocky Raccoon

The Dark Knight Rises may have shattered box office records at theaters around the world this summer, but when MMA legend Renzo Gracie was approached by two would-be muggers on the west side of Manhattan one balmy September morning, he shattered orbital bones instead. After eating at a restaurant with some friends in NYC, the [...]

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